Saving Money Locally – Toddler/Kid Non-Essentials


We hear that raising kids is expensive, and I totally agree. However, I think it’s expensive because we make it expensive. There are times I feel like our house looks like the aisles in Toys”R”Us. Our soon-to-be 2 year old loves her toys, but her imagination and curiosity can turn a box into hours worth of play. Saving money on non-essentials is something we always try to keep in mind as we shop. When it comes down to it, Belle doesn’t care what toys she has or where they came from, she just needs loving, caring, and present parents. We save money where we can, and these are some of our favorite options. 

Three Bags Full Consignment Sale

I came across these sales on Facebook. Hubby and I went to one in Hilliard last fall, and it was awesome!  A Cozy Coupe, snowsuit, sweatshirt, and Disney Fairies Storybook Collection all for less than $30. I had no idea what I was walking into, and I’ll say this, leave your little one at home if you can! We took Belle with us, and Brett ended up taking her to the van to play. There were a ton of people. The event is well-organized and totally streamlined; I plan to go again in April. This time our toddler will stay at home with daddy. Everything imaginable is available at these sales. If you are interested, you can even clear out items your kids have outgrown. Definitely, check out their website for more information. It is worth your attention and time!  

Website: Three Bags Full

Just Between Friends

This upscale sale held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Hilliard is similar to Three Bags Full. The next event is happening in September. 

Website: Just Between Friends

Once Upon a Child

We have donated most of the items Belle has outgrown to family and friends. But, we have sold a few items at Once Upon a Child in Dublin. There are several locations in Columbus too. We got fair prices for our items, and it was easier than posting on Craigslist/Facebook. We’ve also bought quite a few toys and books here too. The prices are awesome, and it you follow them on social media, you can find out about additional sales.

More Options

Bargain Galore, LLC, Ollies Bargain Outlet, and Dollar Tree are also some of my favorite places to shop. Bargain Galore, LLC, sells everything at 50%. The items are brand new, and the store is restocked once a week. Follow them on social media, and they post pictures of the store items each week. Ollies is my absolute favorite place to get books and craft activities. They have everything! Most things are under $5, which is the best! Dollar Tree is another great place for coloring/activity books and reading books. I stock up on these items for car rides and rainy days.

There are tons of options locally to help save money. I’ve bought items from Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace too. Sometimes I just don’t feel comfortable using those options or have the time to search the websites. If you are interested in some of the local selling walls, scroll to the bottom of this post: The Pursuit of Less

In the end, I try to save money on non-essentials. I overuse Amazon as much as most, but we try to save where we can on entertainment and toys. Hunting for the best deal is kind of fun too!

Please share your favorite places to save on non-essentials!