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Skip the dishes? Sounds like a great idea to me! All day I looked forward to the fact that I was trying out SkipTheDishes, a new restaurant delivery service, that night! If you read my article 5 Date Nights You Can Easily Do at Home, you might guess that I spent all day dreaming about the food my husband and I would eat at our at-home-date-night after the kids were asleep!

SkipTheDishes delivers local restaurant food to your home.  When you log on to their website, you enter your address and a list of available restaurants is generated.  Because they want to keep the food at the highest quality possible, the list is limited to a reasonable distance from your location.


“Limited” isn’t exactly a good word because I still had 95 options to choose from!  I was really craving Mexican food so I narrowed my search to Mexican restaurants and that took me down to eight choices!  Each restaurant listed an average wait time, most of which were 30-60 minutes.  You can also choose a target window of time you would like your food to be delivered if you want to order ahead of time, or you can choose pick it up at the restaurant. My husband and I chose to have food from Cuco’s Taqueria delivered to our door!

To order, you begin by entering how many sets of cutlery you need.  At first I thought, “why do I need to do that?”  Then I realized, they are serious about letting me skip the dishes tonight!  Entering your order is really straight forward and easy.  There is space available with each entry to add special instructions or requests for the restaurant.  You can use this service from your desktop, smart phone or the app. I experimented with using the website on my desktop and my phone and both offer easy ways to see your total bill as you add items to your order.  You can also chat with customer service if needed.

We put in our order, and then started the bedtime routine with the kids!  After ordering, I received a couple of text messages: one telling me that my order was on its way and the second telling me that the courier was arriving soon! That was really helpful (let’s speed up the bed time routine, little buddy, mama’s hungry)!  Online, I could also literally track the progress of my courier with GPS tracking! Every 30 seconds or so the site would update and I could see the little car getting closer and closer to my house!  I ordered my food at 7:13 PM and it arrived at 8:04 PM!


When the food arrived it was still hot and everything was exactly as ordered!


One nice aspect of this service was that all the payment is handled online, including the tip, so there is no exchange of money at the door.  Some of the participating restaurants offer free delivery, but most are $5.99.  It’s really nice to have more options than just pizza delivered to your house.  This would work great for a date night like we did or if you had company over.  I know that once kids were in the picture, two things became more stressful: having dinner ready for company and going out to a nice restaurant!  Both of those problems can be solved by SkipTheDishes!  Now you can have restaurant food at home, without having to leave your house, without taking your kids to a fancy restaurant, without all the prep work, and without doing the dishes afterward!  Whoo hoo! Thank you to SkipTheDishes for sponsoring this post and making dinner that night stress free from beginning to end!

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Julie Miller
Julie is a Wooster, Ohio native whose past jobs include GED teacher, mosaic artist, ACT tutor, group facilitator for homeless children, and picture framer, to name a few! After getting married and moving to Columbus with her husband Eric in 2008, they helped start Capital City Grace Church. Julie got her Masters of Social Work at OSU and worked for a homelessness prevention program for 5 years before the opportunity presented itself to stay at home with her then 2 year old. Currently, Julie is the Children’s Ministry Director at her church and blogs about her experiences exploring the city she loves to call home with her sons, who are now 4 and 20 months. Julie loves trying new recipes and doing creative projects but her most common achievements these days are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and building Lego police stations. Her favorite things include big cities, coffee (and lots of it!), spending time with friends, traveling and ice cream (lots and lots of it!). You can follow her family's adventures around Columbus on her blog, What Should We Do Today Columbus?