Something New To Do At The Zoo


zoo scavenger

We are so spoiled here with our amazing Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. As I believe is a rite of passage, we signed up for a membership right after our oldest was born and have enjoyed zillions of visits since. But now that the kiddos are out of the strollers and no longer nap while Mommy meanders as she pleases, they naturally have a whole lot more say in what we see and do. And while Mommy would still very much like to see the lion cubs, those wooden xylophones won’t play themselves. And who wants to see a polar bear diving into the water when you can play on a scalding hot polar bear statue?

I’m not the only one whose kids find the animals probably the least exciting part of the zoo, am I?

614 pride

So, with that in mind, I’ve created a fun zoo scavenger hunt to hopefully pluck your kiddos away from the inanimate objects and re-engage with the amazing live creatures. It’s not specific to Columbus, so if you make a trip to Cincinnati (they’re getting hippos this summer!) or any other zoo, it can work just as well. For added fun, give the kids a camera to take a picture of each find or – better yet – take their picture WITH each find (Extra points for Mom and Dad if you tell them it doesn’t count if they don’t smile. May actually get a couple decent family shots out of the deal!).

You can download your printable PDF here.