5 Baby Shower Gifts The Mom Actually Needs..


Some realistic baby shower gifts.

Us veteran moms want to share some truth with friends and family members of the soon to be newbie mom. We know that our adorable pregnant first-time mom has registered for 1,000 things for her little bundle of joy at her favorite baby stores.

We get it!

She is so excited about the owl swaddlers and the cute moccasins. However, really think for a moment…

“What will an exhausted, overwhelmed, and blissful new mom really need?”

She needs stuff for herself to function post pregnancy. So the next time you get a shower invite in the mail, really think about a gift for the mom to be.

Trust me… she will thank you later.

Here is a list of goods a mom will be so thankful to have as a shower gift:


    • Seriously friends and family members a cleaner is the BEST GIFT! Go ahead and purchase a gift card to a local cleaning company in your area.  As a new mom, you are so exhausted walking around like a zombie and the last thing you want to do is clean your house. I would have so appreciated house cleaner to come once every two weeks. Literally the best…

    • I lived at these retailers the 1st year with my twins. I used these stores for diapers and formula all the time. There is also baby food, toddler snacks and clothing that the new mom will take advantage of. You would be amazed how frequently you use these items. Therefore, a membership for a shower gift is an excellent idea.

    • New moms have way too many things going on and cooking is not something they want to do.  Purchase gift cards to places that they can just pick up dinner.  These gifts come in so handy in those first few weeks coming off maternity leave.

    • I can count on one hand the number of women I know who immediately fit back into pre-pregnancy garments. Moms are typically too small to wear maternity clothing but can’t fit into a pant with a zipper yet. New mamas feel so guilty buying anything for themselves especially when the baby is outgrowing clothing weekly. Purchase gift cards to stores like: Kohls, Old Navy, Gap, Target, Walmart, JcPenny, Macy’s etc. Let her go buy some in-between threads.

    • Newborn photo shoots can be very pricey. However, they are so worth it. These are such precious moments that you only get to capture once. Like most new parents they are on a tight budget due to maternity leave or a parent going to stay-at- home status. Hence, a new mom will be in love with this gift! She will cry if you give her this…trust me!
    • Be sure to check out the Columbus Moms Blog Guide to Local Photographers.

There you have it friends… until next time…

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Cat I
Cat I although not an Ohio native, she and her family have lived in Columbus for 5 years and have come to call the city home. She has three children twin girl and a son. She is a stay-at-home mom by week, and a NICU nurse by weekend. Cat has been blogging for several years. She enjoys sharing witty insight to all things parenting. Cat enjoys minivans, hot coffee (that wasn’t rewarmed 3 times) skinny jeans, spicy food, all things gingham pattern, pretty décor, her crockpot, and skiing. She looks forward to sharing her simple pearls of wisdom.