5 Cute Romances to Read in February


I love to read! How about you? Come February, the month of all things love, there’s nothing better than reading a book about it! Here are a few of my favorite, cute romances to read that I’ve read in the past few years.

Love Lettering, by Kate Clayborn

Meg Mackworth is a highly sought-after calligrapher in her NYC Park Slope neighborhood. When she secretly weaves a word of warning into a wedding program, she never guesses the groom would be able to spot it! A year later, the groom comes to find her and the story takes off from there! A cute, quick and enjoyable book!

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To Sir, With Love, by Lauren Layne

This fun read, also set in NYC, feels like an updated version of You’ve Got Mail. Instead of e-mail though, correspondence takes place via a dating app and instead of a book store in danger of closing, it’s a champagne shop! If you enjoyed the movie You’ve Got Mail, you will definitely like this one!

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New Girl in Little Cove by Damhnait Monaghan

Rachel O’Brien is the new French teacher at a high school in Little Cove, Newfoundland. Even though she doesn’t always feel welcome as a newcomer in this close-knit community, Rachel falls in love with the island, it’s culture and people, including fellow teacher, Doug Bishop! Learning some about Newfoundland was interesting and it’s hard not to love the quirky cast of characters!

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Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey

This was another really cute read and as a bonus, it’s set in Columbus! Leading lady, Annie, is a little obsessed with romantic comedies and is waiting for her very own meet-cut with someone just as perfect as Tom Hanks. When a movie begins filming in her neighborhood and she gets a job on set, will all of her rom-com dreams come true?

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Book Lovers by Emily Henry

This has probably been my favorite Emily Henry book so far! Nora Stephens is a serious literary agent from NYC. Her life revolves around reading, her clients and little sister, Libby. When Libby begs her to take a girl’s trip to North Carolina, she can’t refuse. The only problem is that she keeps running into fellow NYC book editor, Charlie Lastra, who’s randomly there visiting family. Nora and Charlie have never been friends, but when they keep bumping into each other over and over, who knows what might happen!

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What are some of your favorite romantic books?

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