50 Things Money Can’t Buy


It never hurts to remind ourselves that there are a lot of things that money can’t buy and that the best things in life are truly FREE! Money is indispensable. We, of course, need money to survive. However, sometimes we lose sight of what’s really important and forget that life is meant to be celebrated! Our children won’t remember the things we’ve bought them but the time spent with them.

50 Things That Money Can’t Buy

1. The love of you spouse, children, and family.

2. A good Sunday nap.

3. Doing a good deed.

4. Love.

5. Showing kindness.

6. Having and giving respect.

7. Hugs.

8. Kisses.

9. Overcoming a challenge.

10. Staying true to yourself.

11. Believing in yourself.

12. Just being alive.

13. Happiness.

14. Morals.

15. Trust.

16. A toddler who isn’t picky.

17. Common sense.

18. Time.

19. Class.

20. Selflessness.

21. When your children can shower and dress themselves.

22. Happy memories.

23. Health.

24. Peace.

25. A sense of humor.

26. Talent.

27. Integrity.

28. Happy children.

29. Class.

30. More time with the ones we love.

31. Using the bathroom in peace.

32. A good sense of humor.

33. Freedom from worry or fear.

34. A baby who sleeps through the night.

35. More money.

36. A child who never fights with his or her sibling(s).

37. Empathy.

38. Someone who supports your dreams.

39. Waking up every morning.

40. Stepping outside of your comfort zone.

41. Growing old with someone you love.

42. Sleeping in past 7:30 a.m.

43. Not living in regret.

44. Work-life balance.

45. A purpose in life.

46. Your kids knowing.

47.  Inner beauty.

48. True friends.

49. Patience.

50. A potty trained toddler. 

What would you add to the list?


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Leslie came to Columbus 2 yrs ago via San Antonio, TX. A Kentucky native that bleeds neither red (Louisville Cardinals) nor blue (Kentucky Wildcats). She is a SAHM, homeschooler and Occupational Therapist (OTR/L) by weekend. Leslie and her husband have two boys, ages 6 and 2, and they love discovering new Columbus parks and restaurants! She proudly embraces the title of "boy mom", even when that means knowing more than she would care to know about dinosaurs. Her everyday wardrobe consists of mainly Nike Dri-Fit and sneakers. Leslie lives for her Burt's Bees lip balm and a good ole top knot bun. You can always find pull-ups, wipes, hand sanitizer, and Welch's fruit snacks in her designer handbag. She loves her family, fashion, interior design, working out, being a soccer mom, renovating the families 1962 ranch with her husband, and making a difference in her patients' lives. She recently became an advocate and volunteer for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. It is her hope to bring awareness and help raise funds, for a cause that is near and dear to her heart. She is also the owner and founder of The Penmanship Lab.