A Mom’s New Year


Back to School Time

As back-to-school approaches, I find myself trying to soak in every single sweet moment of summer with my girls. But……a memorable and jam-packed summer has left me antsy. I’m tired, my brain has a million “open tabs,” and I’m ready to get back to routines, bedtime and structured days. This routine is necessary for both my kids and me. This time of year is a mom’s new year – August is our January 1st!

I am more motivated than ever to make resolutions. I am excited to take on new projects and I desperately need to get my “life in order.” My save for later list on Amazon is LONG and includes LOTS of storage solutions, a family command center, and so many craft supplies for all the things I want to make.

I have set some big goals for myself, purchased a shiny new 18-month planner that is ready to be filled, and I have made all the doctor’s appointments that I have been avoiding. I am re-committing to fitness and self-care. Now I need an accountability partner. I have long lists of projects I need to tackle, a house that needs to be organized and closets that need to be purged and decluttered. I even have big plans to get my digital life in order. Pictures will be condensed, edited, printed, and framed! Crazy – I know!

So moms, Happy New Year! Our kiddos are heading back to school and will indefinitely face new challenges and struggle to adjust to new routines. Give them grace, lead by example, and stumble along with them. Stay motivated and optimistic, and just start! Start today! Do something new! Don’t wait for a Monday, and definitely don’t wait for the first day of school – start now! Buy the things in your Amazon cart, work out, get your hair done, meal plan and drop off those donations that have been driving around with you in your truck.

Good Luck, Mommas! Happy New School Year!

mom's new school year

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Kristen Fazzio
Kristen is a mama to three blue eyed girls, Bryn (10), Maya (6) & Tessa (5) and has called Columbus home since 2004. She was born in Pennsylvania, but her family moved a lot when she was growing up. Her family has been in Ohio since 1999 which is the same year Kristen became a Bobcat at Ohio University. In her 4 years at OU, Kristen met some of her very best friends, learned to stumble with grace down brick streets, rowed on the OU Women’s Crew team, joined a sorority, fell in love with her now husband Justin AND earned a degree! A “big girl” job in Retail Real Estate at LBrands brought Kristen to Columbus, and if she’s being honest so did the guy. They married in 2007 and started a family in 2012. When baby #2 arrived in 2016, Kristen became a stay-at-home mom and 18 months later, baby #3 arrived! It’s the hardest and best “job” she has ever had! In her spare time, Kristen enjoys exploring Columbus, reading, running, Crossfit, decorating, documenting the days through pictures, hiking, yoga, organizing and labeling things, attempting to be crafty, bargain shopping, DIY projects and spending time outdoors. Her favorite things in life are the beach, her girlfriends, travel, wine county, Mexican food, bike rides, sunsets, red wine, french fries, ice cream and her of course family!