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My family members were out of town for a week.  They asked if I would go check on their house and pick up some packages. It was an easy task, no big deal, so I said sure! I had my 3-year-old girls at home with me.  I called for the girls and told them we needed to run a quick errand. However, parents of 3-year-olds know that nothing is quick and easy. They, of course, started to give me a hard time like most kids their ages do. 

They wanted to stay home and play with some new PlayDoh that the Amazon fairy just dropped off at my door.  

I told them after we run the errand we can come back and play all afternoon, we just need do this favor really quick.

One of my girls stomps her feet and yells, “BUT WHY, I don’t want to?!!”

I replied:


I want to talk to my fellow parents about something has been bothering me…

I’m on the cusp of the millennial generation. I am a millennial mom parenting in an era that very different from my 90s upbringing.  There are ideals and new perspectives that I am still trying to navigate. This parenting gig is complicated and we need to be aware of our actions and tone.

I have been noticing, from our generation, that we are really lacking in “follow through.”  There is a lot of “flakiness.” I see a tendency to neglect a current obligation if something else of a “better offer” comes along. There is a notion that if something doesn’t benefit ME directly, I will not do it.  It is really how a lot of our 3-year-olds think. 

 This type of attitude is failing to teach kids about commitment. It is not okay ditch and leave people hanging with no explanation.  We have turned into the”Ghosting” generation (a term commonly used in the dating world but is occurring in other facets of life).  The attitude that, “Meh, I don’t feel like responding.” 

I am not saying that this is happening on a daily basis but it is becoming a trend and it is disappointing. 

TRUST ME, I am guilty of these actions and thoughts. I will own it. We need to be aware of this demeanor we are projecting. It is a sense of being aloof to everything.  

Commitment- it is one of the most important values to instill in our young kids. We need to teach them to show up.

Teach them how to be a good friend, sister, brother, teammate, coworker and family member. It is vital we do this for our communities, schools, and families.  We need to show them what it means to make a promise and to keep our word.  

So moms and dads… show them….

You do this by following through with that favor you committed to. By going to that birthday party that you don’t really want to go to. Be present at those community meetings you told your neighbors you would be at. Make sure your child get to their activities even if they say they “don’t feel like it.” Teach them how to pull their weight in a school group project. Make a genuine effort to go to your family functions. Show them how to make a commitment.

Because being committed to something will make a difference and an impact. Parents do what you say you are going to do. It really is that important for us all. 

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Cat I
Cat I although not an Ohio native, she and her family have lived in Columbus for 5 years and have come to call the city home. She has three children twin girl and a son. She is a stay-at-home mom by week, and a NICU nurse by weekend. Cat has been blogging for several years. She enjoys sharing witty insight to all things parenting. Cat enjoys minivans, hot coffee (that wasn’t rewarmed 3 times) skinny jeans, spicy food, all things gingham pattern, pretty décor, her crockpot, and skiing. She looks forward to sharing her simple pearls of wisdom.


  1. As a member of the baby boomer generation, I think we are attributing traits to millennials that are really just traits of young people. When I worked and had young kids, I really wasn’t very good at following through on commitments. I was too tired and stressed. I agree that it’s important, but there are some periods in life that are just harder than others.

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