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Columbus Coffee

Raising little ones is exhausting.

Coffee is my friend. I crave the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I take a sip of some delicious coffee. I personally enjoy local coffee shops. Columbus has so many fantastic places to enjoy a cup. Here are some amazing local Columbus coffee spots that you must check out if you are a coffee freak like myself.


Fox in the Snow

Fox In the Snow

Address: 1031 N. 4th Street Columbus, OH 43201

Located in Italian Village, this place just makes me so happy. You can’t help but feel in a state of euphoria when you enter the doors of this quaint and perfectly styled coffee spot. They have the most amazing stash of pastries. A delicious egg sandwich that is so epic I can’t even begin to describe it. Pair all this with the elegantly poured coffee.  You can easily spend all morning in this spot.

Visit the website for more info:  Fox In the Snow




Address: 3 locations  Grandview, North Market, and German Village (below is the address for Grandview, see website for other locations)

Address: 1277 Grandview Ave Columbus, OH 43215

Staufs is known for its amazing coffee with unique roasts. There is a great cafe area to order your coffee along with a bite to eat along with barrels of the most amazing smelling coffee. The staff will assist you with buying your beans and will grind it for if need be. My favorite is the “Buckeye” coffee. Located right along Grandview Ave there is ample outdoor seating as well to enjoy a nice day

Website: Staufs


Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up Coffee Co-OP

Address:1069 W. Broad St. Columbus, Ohio.

Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op is a public coffee shop and private co-working space in Franklinton. This space is so unique. It is a coffee spot with a purpose. Proceeds from their sales are donated to initiatives that reduce infant mortality in the area. Being a mom this is something I can totally get behind. There is a community health worker that works directly with families will be housed in their co-working space. Defiantly a cool place to check out for a cup of coffee and if you need some quiet space to get some work done.

Website: Bottoms Up


Crimson Cup

Address: 2 Locations Clintonville and Upper Arlington (below is the address of Upper Arlington)

Address: 2468 Northwest Blvd Upper Arlington, Ohio

Crimson Cup has two Columbus locations and such great vibes at each spot. The smell of the award winning roasted coffee is so engaging when you enter the doors. I also felt this space was very kid friendly and a great neighborhood vibe. The drip coffee has such flavor. A great spot for a lazy Sunday.

Website: Crimson Cup

Coffee Connections

Solar Cafe

Address: 4004 Main Street Hilliard, OH 43026

Coffee Connections opened in 2016 in a 100-year-old farm house. It is such a funky little coffee spot. The owners kept the farmhouse vibe alive and there are little rooms to lounge in along with a huge outdoor area. 

Website: Coffee Connections

There you have it my favorite coffee spots happy sipping!