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DoorDash just launched in Columbus and I was thrilled to try out the service. I frequently find myself in this predicament: I don’t feel like cooking and my pantry or fridge is bare. I don’t want to bundle my kids in the car and pick something up because that’s a lot of work. The thought of taking them to a restaurant doesn’t sound fun because keeping them entertained and happy isn’t always easy.  Can you relate to the struggle?  DoorDash is the new solution to that problem.  Now, I can order food from a variety of local restaurants and have it delivered to me.  Sounds like an all around win!  Here’s how it works:


I visited the DoorDash website and typed in my address.  It quickly populated the restaurants available in my area.  I was impressed with the wide variety of options from finer dining establishments like Mezzo and Oscar’s to fast food options such as McDonalds and Five Guys.

Sushi was calling my name, so we pulled up the Mr. Sushi menu and determined what we wanted to order.  It was super easy to click on each item and add it to our list.  There was even a space for special instructions.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 4.01.50 PMWait Time

One of the options was the real-time tracking feature.  The website (they have an app too) gave me up to date information about when the restaurant received my order, when they started preparing my food, when the dasher (driver) picked up my order and when the food was in transit.

The original estimated wait time was 75 minutes, but our dinner arrived in about 45 minutes.  I knew it was going to be at our door earlier than anticipated because I was checking my computer every 10 minutes or so for updates.  Can you tell I was more than excited?


Each restaurant determines what fee to charge for the service.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Mr. Sushi only charged a $1 delivery fee. Now, I did tip the driver, so the overall fee was more than that but the price was worth it for the convenience.  Plus, if we were eating in a restaurant we would have paid at least that in gratuity and probably more since we would have had additional menu items such as drinks.

Promo Code

I’m thrilled to offer Columbus Moms Blog readers a promo code for $5 off your first order of $20 or more, within the Columbus Area.  You too can try out the service and see for yourself how it easily will become your new best friend. Promo Code: ColumbusCMB


In the few short days since I tried DoorDash, my mind has already been spinning with ideas.  With two little ones at home, it isn’t always easy to find a babysitter and squeeze in date nights.  Now, we can have delicious food options delivered to us and enjoy a tasty meal at home.  Plus, that means no one is on dish duty since our clean up would be pretty simple.  Yes, there may be times when we transfer our meals to real dishes, but eating from take-out containers can save time.

Also, it would be great to use when we have a party or company over and I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen preparing the food.

And… now that summer is approaching we will be maximizing the time spent outside.  I can easily order dinner from my phone and enjoy spending time playing with the kids while we wait for dinner to arrive.

So, I know it won’t be long until my family uses this service again.  I’ve already been scoping out restaurants that we’ve wanted to try but haven’t made it to yet.

Final Thoughts

I’m thrilled to have been introduced to DoorDash.   It’s awesome to know that we can have more than just pizza delivered to us.  Thanks to DoorDash for sponsoring this post and making this Columbus Mom happy to have such a wonderful restaurant delivery service available at her fingertips.

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