How to Find Mommy Friends


In the workforce, you need to surround yourself with great coworkers. Great coworkers makes doing your day to day job a lot easier. It is important to have peers you can bounce ideas off of, lend a hand, and give advice. We too as moms need a supportive workforce behind what we do as well.  We need that same brainstorming, helpful hand and advice that you get in the work setting. We moms need coworkers (AKA MOM FRIENDS)

I found myself as a new mom in this state of limbo. I yearned for the connection from my friends. Friends who were single or married with no kids and still wanted those “good old times” moments. I enjoyed hearing all their stories and wanted to catch up with them. However, I just needed a friend who understood new “mom-hood.” I needed a person to vent to about the fact that I was up 5 times in one night, had a refluxing baby, and my diet consisted of crappy coffee and dry puffs.

My single friends would call and we would chat about dates they went on and a new brewery they checked out. They also would tell me about all these online dating apps such as Bumble and I enjoyed hearing all the stories and got great amusement about how folks are meeting each other.

I would sit there and think to myself during those conversations,  “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a dating app to find like-minded mommy friends?”

My bio would look something like this:

  • Coffee lover
  • Reality TV junky (I enjoy casual banter about last night’s “Bachelor” episode)
  • I enjoy parks, play cafes, splash pads, the pool, (only when it is a weekday and no crowds)
  • I am always up for a night out at any good taco joint with margaritas. 
  • My parenting style is….um…who knows? I am just sitting here winging it like my eyeliner.

If you fall into any of these categories we should meet up for a playdate.

I mean wouldn’t that be so helpful?

Since there is no such “Make a Mom Friend” App.  I had to set out and meet other moms on my own. Here is how I found some like minded mom folk.

  1. Library Storytime

    • It is a mecca for moms who need out of the house and something educational to do with the kids. Among those kids, you are certain to find a mom you click with. You start to go on a regular basis you are bound to start chatting about the kids and other events going on in the area and boom.
  2. Park 

    • Yep just like kids make friends at the park, so do moms. We are all buzzing around waiting for the next kid to test the laws of gravity or break-up a fight over an open swing.  As we stand there trying to teach out kids the rules of the playground, mom chatter beings.
  3. A good old “Moms group”

    • At first, I was thinking, “Yeah… these are no not my thing.” However, there is tons of support from joining your town’s local mom’s group. I actually am a part of the Columbus Moms of Multiples group and have met so many like-minded moms who just “get it.”  Mom friends.
  4. Kids Activities

    • Then we have swim lessons, gymnastics, soccer, dance, karate to name a few. We are all there trying to make our kids well-rounded individuals. Strike up a conversation with a mom in your kids class. Trust me, besties in the making while you watch your kiddo splash around in the pool. Look what I found… a new mom friend.
  5. Have family member be a matchmaker

    • “My Cousin just had a baby. Her child is around the same age as yours I will give you her number.”  Then just like that…  you meet a new mom friend.  Seriously it might seem weird to text a person you personally never met. However, go ahead and send the text. I am pretty sure she might be in the same boat.

There you have it. A little “how to” guide on how to navigate this thing called “mom-hood”

Until next time…