Football Brings Us Together

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My hometown recently had its homecoming celebration. I live in an area where sports are a big deal, and homecoming is no exception. There is a parade before the big game, and people begin lining the streets hours early to get a good spot. Afterwards, families socialize and tailgate near the high school, and when it’s game time, the bleachers are packed. It’s a standing-room only type of situation. Even if you’re not particularly into sports, you will go because it’s the social event of the season. Football brings the community together.

joy of football

Football brings back memories

Whether watching the big homecoming game, or spectating a six-year-old’s first flag football practice, football can spark something inside of us that we may have forgotten was there. In the case of the homecoming game, I was picking up my daughter from school when I saw carloads of kids begin to stake out their parade spot. Dozens of kids dressed in purple and white began flooding the sidewalks near the high school, ready to support the football players. Immediately, memories flooded back of me doing the same thing 15 years ago. I could almost hear my friends’ laughter and smell the concession stand food. Football brings back good memories.

Football brings families together

For me, the football memories extend beyond high school. I was immersed in the world of football when on the dance team in college. Every Saturday was spent at the football field. It was always a packed weekend, and it’s where I formed friendships and made memories. Even though I was in college and living away from my parents, Saturdays would still remain a family day because of the football game. I wasn’t alone in this — parents, grandparents, siblings and friends gathered from all over to support their players and watch the game. Football brings people together.

football brings community together

Get involved, with Future for Football

Right now, my kids are little and still figuring out what sports they’d like to play. If any of them show an interest in football, I wouldn’t know where to start if not for Future for Football. Using their League Finder, I can search by city and state to find the league that’s closest to me, whether it’s flag or tackle. Using this tool, I was able to find a potential team for my five-year-old son so I’ll be ready when he’s ready.

In addition to the league finder, Future for Football offers a variety of resources for parents and players, including a virtual workout series, youth and high school football rules (perfect for those of us just starting out in the sport!), and a list of recommended equipment.

Whether you are a football parent spending every weekend at the stadium, or the type of person who hosts a football viewing party for socialization and snacks, football gives us the opportunity to meet new friends and connect with old ones, bringing us together.

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