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Are you looking for a fun way to make a few extra bucks? Maybe you want some more “fun money” to splurge on yourself for once (Hey Momma, I’m not judging!) or you want to get a little Date Night fund going so you and your squeeze can go out. Whatever the reason is, Focus Group by Schlesinger has great opportunities for YOU to meet your goals to earn some extra dough while giving your input on important topics that are relevant to you, an intelligent and opinionated Columbus mom.

What kinds of opinions am I giving, you might ask? As an example, some super fun opportunities might include testing out new scented lotions for a health and beauty client, providing input on packaging design for baby formula, giving your style preferences to a clothing brand, or discussing your interest on wine with a wine producer working on a delivery subscription service. There are clients who run tech companies and need feedback on app and website design preferences, as well as, in-store shop-alongs where you provide input based on your shopping preferences.

Give your opinion to make moneyI’ve worked with quite a few market research groups in Columbus because I love giving my opinion on everything and I love it even more if I actually get paid for it. I recently had an opportunity to participate in an online focus group for Focus Group by Schlesinger. They definitely stand out as one of the top-quality groups! They look for all demographics and provide studies about various products, services, shopping, technology, and other topics. It’s so easy to sign up. You add your contact information and demographic information to see what studies you might qualify for. Don’t worry, your information is totally safe and they do not sell any of your information. Add as much information or as little as you want. The more information you input, the more studies you might qualify for.

Schlesinger Focus Group

Focus Group by Schlesinger hosts in-person studies and online studies. They have over 50 years of work in the industry and are well-known. Some examples of studies aside from focus groups include webcam or phone interviews, online surveys, discussion boards, or studies where you go to stores and shop for products. If you’re identified as a good potential candidate for a study, you’ll receive an email pre-screener for that study. They’re easy to fill out. If you qualify, a recruiter will call you. I thought the recruiters were so friendly and helpful. Recruiters ask the pre-screening questions again to make sure your answers are consistent and that you actually qualify for the study.

Focus Group by Schlesinger sent me multiple email reminders so I didn’t forget when the study was and a tech check so I could make sure my technology worked for the study. I was able to ensure that I understood how everything worked. My study started on time and the leaders efficiently went through all the activities. I thought it was fun to share my opinions with other like-minded people interested in the topic. If the study is in-person, you’ll be paid right away. If it’s an online or remote study, then you will receive a pre-paid debit card by mail. I received my debit card within a few weeks. That was my grocery bill for the week!

If you’re on the fence about it, just check out their website. Try making a profile and sign up for a study to see if you qualify. I’m really happy I did!

Get paid by Schlesinger

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