I Still Believe!



I owe Santa a thank you tonight.  He made my day…MY day, not my kids’ days (though he definitely did that, too), but he made this mom’s day.  

I Still Believe

As I was talking my two-year-old off the ledge of fear and trauma from sitting on his lap, Santa looked me square in the eye and said, “You are a great mom.”  I swear I saw the magic twinkle in his eye that showed he knew just what I needed to hear tonight.  “He’s been watching.” my daughter said after we had returned home, “Of course he knows you are a good mom.”  Heart. Melting.  It was magic; it really felt like Santa had been watching, like he knew just what this frazzled mom needed to hear.  

It’s like he knew that we had been hurrying to make it to the mall before his dinner break but missed him by minutes or that I still have not wrapped a single present or that I am constantly struggling to not compare myself to others on social media (as so perfectly written about by Julie here.)  Santa said only five little words to me, but I heard so much more.  

Here Is What I Heard:

  • We are all doing a great job!  
  • We all want to do right by our kids. 
  • We all need a pat on the back sometimes.
  • There ARE still good people in the world! 
  • Parents (and Santas) need to stick together.  
  • We all need to Become Santa more often.   

The Magic

The whole drive home, I was smiling and thinking about what made this small interaction so profound. The Christmas season really is magical.  Similar to Disney magic, but with less crowds.  See my thoughts on Disney here.)  This small compliment sent me into a sappy tailspin that won’t soon be forgotten.  And for that, Santa, I am thankful.  

So, Columbus Mom’s Blog Readers, like it or not, you are on this sappy adventure with me.  Who wants to create some magic with me?  Since our Santa visit, I’ve challenged myself to make magic for others. I’ve found that exhausted mama in the grocery store and given her a compliment.  I like to think it made her day but the truth is that it made mine, too.  

So, Who’s In?

Let’s remind each other that people ARE good.  Let’s celebrate the holidays by being good to one another.  

I challenge you to take a minute tomorrow to create magic for someone.  Then, let us know how it went by commenting below or on our Facebook page.  I think we can all use some holiday cheer! 

Merry Christmas!

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