A Letter to the Mamas-To-Be From Someone Who’s Been There


Dear Mama-To-Be,

I see you gently clutching your round belly. I see the anticipation, excitement, and tinge of nervousness hiding behind your smile.

Although it seems like another life ago, I remember when I was you. It seems like a lifetime ago, but it’s more like five years.


And suddenly I’m wondering where the past five years of my life went. How did time go so fast? 

People told me my life would change forever- just like everyone is currently saying to you. I’m sure you’ve been hearing these words for months, but it’s really hard to grasp what that means until you experience it.

It means… you’re no longer just an individual, but a mom. 

Your identity will change. Those things you love… the ones that seem really important right now… they’ll likely move down the priority list for a bit. And most days you won’t even miss them.

But, there will be other days…

Days when you feel suffocated. 

And overwhelmed.

And so, so tired.

And like maybe your life didn’t turn out the way you thought it would, the way it was supposed to be.

But then, something will bring you back. Like a slobbery kiss or an unexpected belly laugh or maybe a simple crayon drawing with your name on it (did I mention your name is changing… Mom, Mommy, Mama?).

And your heart will melt, and feel so completely warm and full that you are instantly pulled back. And you’ll realize you are EXACTLY who you are supposed to be… living EXACTLY the life you were meant for … with EXACTLY the right cast of characters.

So, rest up Mama. It’s not going to be easy. 

There will be sleepless nights, tears, and feeling of inadequacy like you’ve never experienced. 

But more than that, there will be love like you’ve never experienced.

And all the hard times will be completely worth it.

Welcome. Your life will absolutely never be the same.

Photo by Justine Tuhy Photography LLC


  1. This a great post! Yes indeed the lityle hugs and kisses from.your kids makes ypu even forget you are tired. Thanks for sharing

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