Letting Go of the Baby Clothes


The Baby Purge

Ever since my first pregnancy, I have completely immersed myself in the joy of shopping for my littles. With every growth spurt and change in season, I have relished in the opportunity to style these little bodies that keep growing and changing.

And of course, I always do my seasonal purge where I swap out all the sizes that no longer fit and aren’t appropriate for the weather. As each item is folded and placed in the storage container, a precious memory comes rushing back. Along with the realization that they will never be that small ever again. Pictures preserve a lot of memories but there is something about the physical, everyday, items of their young lives that seem especially hard to let go of.

Between three kids, the amount of storage containers in our basement is embarrassing. What am I hanging on to these for? The possibility of more children is my usual answer. But another part of me wonders if I am just too scared to face the reality that my babies are no longer babies. Is there anything that can be done to alleviate the pain of the purge while still preserving memories?

Here are some great ideas to help us overemotional mamas!

  • A memory quilt comprised of your babies old onesies
  • A precious moments box with select items to give to your son and daughter at a certain age.
  • Framing a favorite clothing item from a special occasion
  • Make a toy with some of the clothing pieces
  • Hand down the clothes to a friend or relative. When you see pictures of the new little ones wearing items you gave them it will bring you joy.
  • Check out this post Let it Go: The Great Purge Begins for local organizations that accept clothing.


When did you muster up the courage to let the baby things go? Comment below!


  1. Love these ideas! I agree, it’s so hard to not keep every little piece of clothing. I’m still holding onto mine in case we decide to have any more children, but in a few years when it’ll come time to do some purging, I know it’ll be oh so hard!

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