How I Make #MomLife the #BestLife


No doubt about it, #MomLife can be tough at times, but here are some easy ways I make it the #BestLife!

If you’re like me, you can barely go a day without seeing the hashtag #momlifeisthebestlife or the “Mom Life, Best Life” quote.  However, at times I’ve recently questioned this popular catch-phrase.

Maybe it’s because I stay at home or because my daughter’s in the midst of the “terrible two’s” but lately my #momlife has been rough. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom and my little girl more than anything.  Emily fell asleep in my arms the other day and I could have held her and stared at her all day. Those are the best mom moments, right?  However, we all know #momlife can be tough at times too!

A few weeks ago while Emily was having a melt-down because I put her milk in the wrong cup, I started thinking about the ways #momlife is sometimes not the best life – hello no sleep, making dinners that get thrown on the floor and let’s not forget about the tantrum brought on by not putting ice cubes in her water. Ugh…

But then, instead of continuing to be negative I started to think about little ways I could make things better and guess what it’s working! No, it’s not going to take away the toddler tantrums, but when I do these things on a regular basis I find my day goes better.

In case you’re struggling too, here are some easy ways I’ve found to make this beautiful, yet sometimes frustrating road of motherhood the #bestlife we all want it to be! 

  • Wake up Early – Ok, this doesn’t always happen, but on the days I can get out of bed before Emily, everything seems to go a little smoother.  I have time to shower, have my coffee and a little me-time before turning into “mommy, mommy, mommy!”
  • Practice Gratitude – I tried the tactic of writing down grateful moments from the day in a notebook before bed, but it just didn’t stick.  Instead, as soon as I get in bed I think of one grateful moment from the day with Emily, my husband and myself. They’re simple, like “I’m grateful Emily liked the new dinner I made” or “I’m grateful I took the time to go to the gym.” It’s an easy way to remind myself of all I have.
  • Pick Your Battles – You often hear this in reference to marriage, but it applies to children too.  For example, the other day I had an adorable outfit picked out for Emily, but she was in no mood to change out of her PJ top.  She was approaching total meltdown mode as I frantically tried tugging the top off of her when I finally gave up.  Was it worth the fight? Absolutely not.  Is anyone going to mind she’s wearing a PJ top at Target? One word – no! 
  • Find Your Tribe – This is a must, especially if you stay at home.  When I became a SAHM, I thought I’d go to library story time and come away with a plethora of mom-friends.  Maybe this happened for you, but it didn’t for me.  My main source of mom friends is from my local moms’ group, the writing team here and a couple of local blogging groups.   It’s not always easy to put yourself out there to make new friends at this age, but having friends for playdates, adult conversation and the occasional moms night out is an absolute must!
  • Treat Yourself – Sometimes I find it’s the little things that bring the most joy. When we’re out running errands I might pick up a new lip gloss or stop for a coffee. I might have my husband watch Emily and take a morning for myself to go shopping for new top or pair of shoes. It isn’t anything extravagant – just a little something to tell myself “hey, don’t forget you’re doing a great job!” and to recharge my mama batteries.
  • Have an Easy Mom Style – I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little better when I get myself ready for the day – getting dressed, doing my hair and (light) makeup.  I wouldn’t call myself stylish, but I have a style that works for me and makes me feel put together.  My everyday look usually consists of skinny jeans and a t-shirt, dry shampoo with a messy bun and a 5-minute make-up routine.  I might not look put together to others, but it works for me and makes me feel good about myself.
  • Think Big Picture – I recently saw this on Instagram and often think of it when things get tough.  A mother was at a store with her baby, when an older woman walked up to her.  She mentioned how she has a 20-year old son and would give just about anything to hold him as a baby like that again.  I already miss those tiny baby snuggles, which I just had a year ago, so I can only imagine how much I’ll look back on these toddler years and smile, many years from now. 

Long story short, it’s true when they say “The days are long, but the years are short.”  I truly believe #MomLife is the #BestLife, but when those tough days get you down, practicing some of these ideas might help!