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When my oldest was born and we made the decision that I would stay home (“we” as in my husband and me; the kid didn’t get a say in the matter), I really never gave much thought to how much I’d want or need a mama tribe in my life.

After the kid and I found our groove and started venturing out more, taking classes, doing activities, I found that I was not a mom who was any good at picking up other moms. Even with the go-to mom pickup line — “how old is he?” — I could never bring myself to ask for a phone number, let alone a first date.

When my kiddo was about a year and a half, I saw an out-of-state friend’s post about going out with her mom club. Certainly, we had to have one of those where I lived. Turns out we did. I met up with them at a park and joined the next week. I had no idea what to expect, but I found an incredibly warm, welcoming and supportive — not to mention a ton of fun — group of moms who’ve become life-long friends. They have been my lifeline as a mom who both stays home and attempts to work from home. They’re moms with diverse backgrounds, family sizes, experiences, and I’ve learned so much from (and leaned so much on) all of them.

So if you’re at home at least part of the day and craving adult interaction, I highly encourage you to look up a group in your area. Here’s a list of chapters, groups and organizations around town to help you find your peeps (and if we’ve inadvertently left anyone out, please add your link in the comments!):


“MOMS offering Moms Support” – a group offering activities for at-home mothers


Dublin Central

Dublin SE

Dublin West

Hilliard NE

Hilliard NW

Lewis Center – North

Lewis Center – South


Powell NE

Powell Upper Northwest




Mothers of preschoolers – non-denominational Christian organization that reaches out to all mothers of children under school age




Grove City


Lewis Center

  • North Church – 740-548-6648


  • First United Methodist Church – 937-642-4712

Reynoldsburg –

  • Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church – 614-866-5864

Upper Arlington





a national, non-profit support organization whose mission is to support, inspire, educate, and advocate for mothers of color.

Mocha Moms of Columbus



NW Columbus






for any Central Ohio woman who is a mother or guardian of twins or higher order multiples, or who is expecting twins or higher order multiples

Central Ohio

Fitness Group for Moms


Work out with other moms in a supportive environment.  The Stroller Strides program allows you to work out and bring your little one along.

Columbus/Easton/Gahanna Fit4Mom

Columbus North Fit4Mom

Dublin Fit4Mom

Other Moms Groups

Bexley Moms

Pataskala- Tri-Village Moms INC.

Mothers In Arms



  1. I found local tribes from the national groups; & I have heard great things about our local Stoller Strides groups/Fit4Mom too! Go find your tribe!

  2. Any tours for non- SAHM? I work, but only 3 days a week and I’m on the east side in Pickerington… doesn’t look like we have a lot of representation in this list :(.

    • Hi Amanda! I can’t speak for all the groups, but I know at least the MOMS Club I’m in welcomes all moms – working or not! We’ve had lawyers, realtors, doctors, nurses, education professionals and more join. The majority of our events are during the weekday, but if you’re part time or work evenings or from home, we are welcoming and try to be accommodating! Hopefully the groups near you are too! Worth a shot to reach out and ask! Best of luck!

  3. Hey Amanda! I am a working mom with some days off during the week and I have a moms group I joined using the website / app So basically when I know I have the day off, I check the calendar and see if anyone has scheduled a play date meet up somewhere and if they haven’t I create one. Very casual. Maybe that could be an option? My group does metopes mainly around Hilliard / Dublin but we go to the Columbus Commons a lot in the summer and the big splash pad downtown, etc.

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