Need a Babysitter? Sitting Made Simple® Lives up to Its Name

Thanks to our friends at Sitting Made Simple® Columbus for sponsoring this post and providing an opportunity for child care services. The opinions that follow are solely those of the author.
Sitting Made Simple Founder and CEO, Amanda Knapp.

Let’s face it—finding a new babysitter is tough. Finding a new babysitter in the midst of a pandemic? Even tougher. That’s where Sitting Made Simple® (SMS) comes in. SMS is a locally owned and operated service that connects families with quality sitters for date nights, last minute services, before/after school care, and summer services. Founded right here in Columbus in 2008, SMS’s mission is to provide professional, safe, and reliable babysitting so you can feel confident about your caregiver choices.

Prospective SMS members can head to their website and sign up for a membership. The annual membership ensures access to the network of babysitters, who are all CPR certified, screened, and personally interviewed by the founder and CEO, Amanda Knapp. Once you are registered, you can begin scheduling and requesting babysitting services. The website is user-friendly and walks you through all steps, beginning with choosing your date and time.

After you complete a few more details about your needs, you’re ready to choose your babysitter. Each sitter lists their name, profile picture, allergies, and distance from your home. You can learn more about each sitter by reading their profile.

For my sitting experience, I chose Hannah, a recent graduate from The Ohio State University. Hannah is currently in graduate school to become a Nurse Practitioner, and she has been with SMS since 2018. Each sitter also lists strengths (such as imaginative play and homework help) and type of car (including the number of seatbelts.)

After you submit the necessary information, you will receive an email confirming the request has been received. You will also receive an email once the sitter has confirmed your appointment. Then just sit back and relax!

Hannah arrived on time and she was incredibly friendly. Though I provided a few notes about my child and the bedtime routine, most of the information was already completed when I booked the appointment online. I didn’t have to spend as much time reviewing with Hannah about my kiddo because she already had the key information, which meant we were able to walk out the door a little bit quicker.

Hannah played with our son, let him watch tv (with our permission), and put him to bed without any problems. Toward the end of the night, I checked my phone and saw an email titled “Sitter Log Completed.” After our son was asleep, Hannah provided a summary of her evening. She noted their activities, diaper changes, and bedtime. This gave me a huge sense of relief that our son was soundly asleep, and this check-in allowed us to continue our evening without worry.

The babysitter completed a log and summarized how the evening went. Talk about peace of mind!

When we arrived home, Hannah was sitting at the kitchen table, completing homework. She again reviewed her evening and left. We appreciated her rinsing out our son’s sippy cup and snack bowl and placing them neatly in the sink.

All in all, we would definitely use SMS again. When speaking to Ms. Knapp about her company and what makes it different than the other babysitting providers, she stated: “We are in the office every day and on-call 24/7. If you have any questions, you will receive a same-day response. We’re not just website based; you will reach someone (usually me) who can help for last-minute scheduling…I’ve been serving the community for 12 years now. We’ve still got some of the same members and sitters we started with in 2008. Sitting Made Simple® Kids are now in college and Sitting Made Simple® Sitters. I also have the honor of serving past Sitting Made Simple® Sitters who have become Mamas.”

What are you waiting for? Schedule your next sit today!

Author’s Note: SMS fees vary for number of children, type of scheduling, and special occasions such as overnights or family share. A complete list of fees and additional information can be found on their website.

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