New Swimmers and New Traditions at Goldfish Swim School

    Thanks to our friends at Goldfish Swim School-Dublin and Goldfish Swim School-Westerville for sponsoring this post and providing an opportunity for such a fun family outing each week.

    Wednesdays are Goldfish Swim School days in our family. Every Wednesday afternoon, we’ve been heading to my son’s lesson at 4pm. We follow up the lesson with dinner out, all the while talking about how much fun we’re having. That’s our Wednesday tradition. The entire family–Mom, Dad, Xavier, and Violet–head to Goldfish Swim School and enjoy an afternoon together.

    And now Violet gets to jump in the water for her own half-hour of swimming! After watching her brother swim for months (and drawing on plenty of Goldfish pages at the coloring table), my daughter puts on her goggles, gets a million swim teacher high-fives, and takes pride in every end-of-lesson ribbon.

    One of the best parts about the Goldfish experience is how parents and kids come together at the end of the lesson. As parents are welcomed again to the swimlane by smiling instructors, we’re soon talking about the progress our swimmers are making. Then–the best part–each swimmer gets to show off a favorite skill from that week’s lesson.

    Talk about a great bonding experience! Not only does each swimmer get individualized feedback, but they get to show how amazing they’ve become in the water. We even use the end-of-lesson wrap-up to help teach gratitude and manners to our kids, always making sure they say, “Thank you!” to their teacher.

    We love our Wednesday Goldfish Swim School family tradition. We all share in an excited car ride in anticipation, the cheerful atmosphere of the pool deck, the amazing lessons, the high-fives, and a family dinner afterwards.

    I know you’re ready to start your family Goldfish Swim School tradition, too. Maybe Dad will make swim lessons a weekly tradition with the kids (And give Mom a little more time to herself!). Maybe Mom will make Family Swim a weekly treat. Or maybe you’ll be like us and dedicate an afternoon to cheering on little swimmers and exploring the restaurants around town as a family.

    Head over to Goldfish Swim School and start your new family tradition today.