You Old, She Pregnant – Going Out As a Mom Part 1

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You Old, She Pregnant
A few years back before I was approaching 40, I slowly started to feel the signs of aging. I’m not talking major signs like arthritis and osteo…blah blah. Just simple, little things. I was beginning to etch the lines of life in my face. My tall, athletic physique, started to get a bit more curvy and a little softer. Formerly a night owl, I started retiring earlier – knowing if I didn’t, I would regret it when my offspring alarm clock sounded early in the am, or several times a night. And the recovery time for physical labor, being out late on the town, or exercising hard the day before, forget about it.
In my twenties and early thirties, I didn’t give aging much thought. In fact, I didn’t think about it all. Sure I tried to save for retirement, but I didn’t think about saggy triceps and eleven lines. I was fortunately pretty carefree, and when it came to going out with my girls, I knew being with them would be a great time. Just hanging out anywhere.  Playing sand volleyball, going out to dinner, painting pottery, or rafting down a river.  But, especially if there was live music and dancing. We. Would. Have. A. Blast.
Then came children. Life became a bit busier, a little more stressful juggling work and family life. Taking care of myself and going out with my girlfriends became secondary to my family obligations and job requirements. But, every once in awhile when I did get the chance to go out with my girlfriends, I noticed subtle changes.
too old for this place
Recently I went to a pub in the Short North with some friends because we like our fish and chips. Unknowingly, we walked into a scene where we were clearly older than most of the occupants. Since I never go out, I’m not sure where to go anymore. So I relied on some suggestions from mom friends my age.
While at the pub, I accidentally knocked off ketchup from a table with my ginormous mom purse as I walked by it. These cute, fun, twenty-something girls sitting at the table said with an endearing look, “Wow, you moms look good for your age.” I had to laugh because they were genuinely trying to compliment us, and ultimately it was a compliment.  But at the same time, it became abundantly clear that we could be these girl’s mothers.  Where did the time go?
I instantly thought of Leslie Mann in the movie Knocked Up.  Leslie is all gussied up and tries to jump the line at the bar with her “sister” who is pregnant.  The bouncer matter-of-factly tells them to go to the end of the line because Leslie is “old” and Katherine Heigl is visibly pregnant.  Leslie Mann’s character starts arguing with the bouncer and he pulls them to the side and says he doesn’t want to pass judgment on them, that’s just his job.  He goes on to say that Leslie is not old for the Earth, but rather old for this club.  When that feeling hits you, it might be a hard pill to swallow.
place to go
In Part Two of this series, I will share with you some Columbus-area attractions for middle-aged-ish, mom-friendly places to hang with your girls, specific to different activities. Where hopefully, you will feel comfortable and be able to have a great time.  If you have any great suggestions to share with our readers, please make a comment in the comments area below – thank you!