Potty Training Dont’s!


Potty training dont's

1. The Naked Weekend

“Let your toddler spend the weekend naked,” the experts say. Well folks, get the tarp and the galoshes out because you are going to be wading through one heck of a weekend. Are you ready for the “where’s the poop” fact finding mission? Here’s a hint. It’s under your dining room table. Guess the Daniel Tiger potty jingle didn’t cut the mustard this time.

2. Potty bribes

Absolutely! Yes sir, I’ll take a potty trained toddler with a side of cavities! I’m just kidding; that’s totally over dramatic. But for some of us, the bribes equal non-stop hops on the toilet with zero deposits. Other than my sanity being flushed away and chocolate smeared all over the house. Well, hopefully, chocolate.

3. Target Practice

This one didn’t work for us. Unless we mistakenly placed those cheerios on the walls and floor.

4. Marathon training

Simple. Just get the timer out and place them on the toilet every 20-30 min. And yes, it’s just as terrible as it sounds. Is it possible to have post-potty-stress-disorder?

5. Start with the portable potty seat

You know what makes for a great morning? When one of the other minions overturns a full potty seat. Best. Day. Ever.

In all seriousness, the tips above are pretty legitimate. Some lucky parents have used this information and mastered this stage in just one weekend. And some of us have been muddling through for as long as a year! It’s just something we all have to suffer through, but you might as well find some humor along the way. If you are currently potty training or are well past this stage, comment with your successes AND horror stories!