Quick & Easy Preschool Snacks


Do you dread your appointed snack day? The day you have to provide the snack for your child’s whole preschool, kindergarten, or elementary class? I always want to do something fun and cute, (darn you Pinterest!) but I rarely have the time.  I have a hard enough time even remembering what their appointed snack day is! With two kids in preschool at the same time, I have to juggle two different snacks just about every 2 weeks. But of course, I have all of my crazy pins saved so I inevitably make a mad dash to Kroger at 9 pm to pull together something that miraculously doesn’t contain nuts and covers 2-3 food groups. Oof. Lucky for you, that means I have some go-to snack ideas that are quick and easy and can totally be pulled off the night before, last minute mom style. 

1. Snack Robots

We went pink themed by choosing strawberry applesauce and a berry juice box. Mini raisin boxes for feet (or a hat), and smarties for the arms! I used colorful tape to hold all the pieces/ingredients together!



2. Pig Bagels

My son’s class had a field day over these bagels and they were so quick and easy to make! Just berry cream cheese smeared on 1/2 of a bagel. Sliced strawberries for the ears and nose, and blueberries for the eyes! 

3. Owl Rice Cakes

I love these adorable rice cake owls! You can swap out whatever ingredients you wish but I found some yummy chocolate rice cakes, a nutella-esque, peanut and dairy free spread in the organic aisle of the grocery store, bananas and blueberries for the eyes, sliced apples for wings, and cheerios! If there are no dietary restrictions you can, of course, use peanut butter as the spread but many schools are peanut free and you can find quite a few yummy substitutes in the organic aisles or specialty stores. 

4. Breakfast Sushi

This was a messy and fun treat to assemble with the kids’ help. We slathered a whole banana in vanilla greek yogurt, rolled it in a pan of fruity pebbles, sliced, and added blackberries on top as the faux caviar. The kids loved getting messy in the fruity pebbles and this is a great opportunity to start practicing with chopsticks!

5. Butterfly Grapes 







This is a healthy and easy idea! We did take it a step further by having my daughter paint the clothespins and then I added the googly eyes and pipe cleaners, but the snack would still look cute if you elect to avoid the craft project.


So if you’re anything like me and realize that your tots snack day is in less than 12 hours, I promise you can quickly assemble these fun treats just in time to bring whimsy and full tummies to your child’s whole class!