A Quick Guide To Getting Your Best (and Cauuuutest!) Family Portraits Yet!


Like mine, your family has probably been tucked in for the winter. Barely venturing outside, haven’t seen a neighbor for months on end, and sticking to the warmth of your home during the short days and long nights. But the end is in sight, friends!! Flowers are blooming, the days are longer, the temps are tolerable…Spring has sprung! And with that, many mothers start thinking about a spring family photo shoot. Maybe it’s your first one in a while, or maybe you get them done twice a year…whatever your style is, prepping your family for portraits can be stresssssssful! Don’t worry! I gotchya! Here are a few easy and fun ideas that will take the stress out and put the fun back in.


1. Rain Date

Always ask your photographer to schedule a rain date. Ohio in the spring is nuts. (Remember last Saturday…we had all four seasons in one day and the wildest wind I think I’ve ever seen. If your photo shoot was scheduled for that day, I HOPE you were able to reschedule! Wind + lip gloss = nightmare) Having a backup date makes things easier for everyone.

2. What To Wear

I’m going to number these, cause I have tons of advice here.

  • I get asked about what my clients should wear on the regular. My number one response is “Please be comfortable!” Wearing something for the sake of being cute no matter how uncomfortable is the worst idea. Mostly because I can tell your uncomfortable when we’re shooting and you’ll also be able to tell in the photo. I’m going to capture real, genuine moments here….and if you’re constantly tugging at a skirt or pulling up a shirt…it will take away from the photo.*
  • Coordinate…do not match. Matching is just too much. Color coordinating is awesome! Please don’t come in all white or all black. Add some personality to those outfits! Don’t be afraid of color. Deep jewel tones look amazing in photographs! Don’t be afraid of patterns! The more layers and texture, the better! Accessorize! The tiny details are what will set your outfits apart. And I always suggest investing in the wardrobe. Good, well made, tailored clothes have a better fit and show off your best assets.
  • Even though I want you to be creative and have fun when selecting your wardrobe, sticking to a classic style as your base is the best idea. Add in one or two fun, trendy pieces, but don’t over do it. Incorporating fashion into a shoot is one of my favorite parts…so if you’d like help, I’m alllllll about it!
  • Here is a great link for even more ideas! Click Here: Paint The Moon


3. Locations

If you have a location in mind, run it by your photographer! If they are anything like me, they’ll love your ideas and will be able to put a creative spin on it. I like to shy away from some of the big popular parks. Having your photos done is already a nerve-wrecking experience in the beginning. No one loves an audience! I do LOVE, and I mean LOVE, shooting in your home. This is where life happens. I want you to be able to look at these images 30 years from now and remember exactly how you felt and what life looked like for your family at this moment. Your home doesn’t have to look like it came straight out of Pottery Barn to have a good in-home session. Just a basic de-clutter will do wonders. Consider an in-home shoot for your next session!



4. Kids

Let them be kids. Children are unpredictable, and it’s my job to be ready for anything! Many parents can become frustrated if the shoot isn’t going perfectly smooth. Relax! I take TONS of images and the moments that are happening in between the chaos and tantrums are really beautiful. I’ve had many clients who are surprised to see the gallery and all the beautiful images we captured because all they can remember is their wild child. I think it’s a good idea to bring a snack, a drink, and a favorite toy or blanket. It helps if all the wheels fall off. (I speak from experience here. I have a 3-year-old boy.)ย  So relax. Have fun. Let it all happen.

5. Hair & Makeup

I recommend pampering yourself before your photo shoot. Get plenty of rest (ha!) drink TONS of water – it makes your skin glow – and book a hair and makeup appointment for that day. Your kids might be running around like crazy during the shoot, but you will KNOW FOR A FACT that you look amazing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And most importantly, remember why you are booking the session. You’ve been couped up all winter! You want to celebrate the beginning of a fun summer with your family. You want to freeze time because it is going by so. dang. fast. Don’t just have your portraits done…create tangible memories with your family. Heirlooms that you can pass down to your children’s children. Preserve the now and welcome spring back into Ohio the best way you know how :: spending it with the people you love…and a fun photographer. ๐Ÿ™‚



Guest Writer::
Reining from the shores of Lake Michigan, Megan Danser arrived to the buzzing metropolis of Columbus 7 years ago to be with her handsome future husband. She re-launched her photography business (Megan Danser) and embraced this city with open arms. She hasn’t looked back since!
Megan focuses her photography on families, brides and high school seniors; highlighting real emotion and genuine love. Her passion for clothes, fashion and all things pretty help to shape these images into art hanging on your walls and heirlooms to pass on to your children’s children.
When Megan isn’t behind her camera, you can find her with her sweet, wild family of three people and two fluffy pets. Her house is full of love, laughs and noise. (And she’s shamelessly addicted to reality tv on Bravo.)


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