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No one will deny that parenting is tough. The last thing you want to worry about are the struggles of being a mom, but sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break. Moms need to take care of themselves physically and mentally, and one way to do this is by doing random acts of kindness for others in your community. Doing something nice for someone else can make you feel good and help improve your mood!

And you know the saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

When you spread kindness it affects everyone around you.

Kindness is a viral disease that has been around for centuries, but we’re just now beginning to see it. This kindness epidemic can only be stopped if everyone succumbs and gets infected with this contagious virus of pure goodwill before time runs out – so get yours today!

What Are Random Acts of Kindness?

Random acts of kindness are usually small tasks done for the purpose of bringing joy to someone else. For example, if I see a new mother struggling with her groceries, I’ll help by loading them into her car. Everyone likes to be made to feel special and it only takes a moment to do something nice for someone else.

Acts of kindness

What Random Acts of Kindness Can I Do?

Is kindness something you need more of in your life? If so, we have the perfect solution! Consider these simple ways to invite this wonderful sentiment into your day-to-day.

Give Someone A Genuine Compliment

Everybody loves compliments, especially when they are genuine and not just a backhanded compliment by someone who is jealous or trying to be nice. Giving more of these will boost your mood while making others’ days brighter!

Buy the Person Behind You a Coffee

The next time you are in the drive-thru waiting for your order, pay for the person behind you. The act has a way of spreading joy from one stranger to another or at least being talked about and shared with others.

Tell A Boss About a Good Employee

In most workplaces, employees are expected to treat everyone with politeness and respect. However, it’s not always the case that customers will do so in return. If you have a good experience with someone in a customer support role, tell their boss. Let them know how much their good service impacted you.

Volunteer Somewhere

We often think we don’t have the time or money to make a difference in our community, but volunteering is an easy way for everyone to get involved and do their part. You get to help people who need it most by donating your time. And there’s plenty of opportunities where you can meet new friends while doing something that feels really good inside! Check out Seeds of Caring too!

Help Someone Who Needs It

Sometimes it can be hard to know when someone needs a hand, but you never know what a difference your gesture may make. Reach out with a call or text and ask if they need anything that day; sometimes just the thought or intention will make all the difference in the world for that person.

Offer to Help People Who Seem Lost

It’s good karma and it can be a great ice breaker! Plus, you never know if they are too shy or not sure of what direction they’re going in. If you see someone with a puzzled look on their face, don’t be afraid to ask them if they need help finding something.

Offer Workers a Drink

If you have a group of people working in your neighborhood, or even at the office on hot days, offer them something to drink. It’s especially important for those who work outside and need an ice-cold break from time to time!

Leave Treats for the Delivery People

With the explosion of online shopping, especially during the pandemic, the delivery service people are being stretched so thin. Leave some treats out for them with a small note thanking them for their service.

Leave Positive Comments on Social Media

The power of positivity on social media is undeniable. Imagine what would happen if we all took a week to only leave positive comments! Think about the impact you can have with just one simple action. It could be life-changing for someone else who needs some encouragement in their day.

Thank a Bus Driver for Their Service

When someone goes above and beyond for you, it’s only right to let them know that they made a difference. So when you see your bus driver on Monday morning, say thank you in person.

Offer to Help Someone Who is Carrying Groceries or Has an Armful of Packages

If someone has a lot of stuff in their arms, they’re more than likely going to need help carrying the load. Offer to help. Be sincere, too; don’t just offer to help when you’ve got a free hand and nowhere better to be.

Let Someone go in Front of You at the Grocery Store Checkout Line if They Only Have a Few Items

This is especially helpful for moms with tired, hungry, impatient small kids. In fact, it’s helpful for everyone in the store.

Write a Letter to Someone You Admire

Write a letter to someone you love and tell them how they have impacted your life. It’s such a simple gesture that can have a huge impact.

Give Out Flowers as Gifts for No Reason

It’s also good to give flowers out just because. The more random the better! Flowers are gifts from Mother Nature. Let’s share her gifts with others, flowers bring so much joy and positive energy.

Send a Card to Someone Just Because You’re Thinking of Them

You don’t need a reason to send someone you love a card. Just do it! If you’re crafty, make it even more special by adding some homemade touches to your card.

Be kind

When You Don’t Feel Safe Offering Kindness to a Stranger

Let’s address the elephant in the room. I know what you’re probably thinking. I’d love to be more helpful, especially to strangers who appear to be struggling, but these are scary times we’re living in. Stranger danger is real!

Of course, you should never put yourself in harm’s way. This is where you need to rely on your intuition. Your gut instincts will tell you if you’re safe or in potential danger.

Just remember the ripple effect. When you show kindness to someone, they’ll likely show kindness to someone else. And down the line it goes.

We, unfortunately, live in a world that feels so unsafe and we’re isolated in our own little bubbles. We’ve lost the art of reaching out to not only strangers but also to our friends and neighbors.

Trust your instincts and start with something that feels comfortable and safe for you. Over time, the snowball effect will take place.

 Random Acts of Kindness Action Steps

  1. Make a list of all the things you can do for others.
  2. Write down one thing that is easy and something that is more challenging to help people with their self-esteem.
  3. Think about how your random act of kindness will make someone feel, and write it down.
  4. Share your idea on social media or with friends so they can get involved too!
  5. Don’t forget, acts of kindness don’t have to be big – they just need to come from the heart!
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