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I’ve been a writer for Columbus Moms Blog since its launch back in the spring of 2016. There have been a lot of perks and fun experiences associated with being a blogger with CMB, but I have to say my favorite was probably the opportunity to have my house cleaned by Real World Cleaning Services! It’s hard to overstate how nice it was to come home to a totally clean house!

After I was chosen to do this post, Tracy at Real World Cleaning Services emailed me to set up my cleaning service. I gave her a list of what rooms I needed to be cleaned on each floor and the square footage of my house. Tracy offered me the option to talk this over on the phone, but with two small children who seem to want my undivided attention as soon as I get on the phone, I assured her that email would be the best way to communicate my needs! The same option is available if you would like to receive a quote. You can fill out a form online or call, whichever is most convenient for you. As a mom with young kids, I always appreciate an online option!

Two workers arrived at my house the morning of the cleaning. They were very helpful and cheerful. I was so excited to have someone else cleaning my house that I couldn’t have been happier to see them. I walked through the house with them and they went over my options and explained what the cleaning would consist of.  They asked my preferences where applicable.

My boys and I were headed out of the house for the morning. The cleaners told me they would make sure they cleaned the upstairs bedrooms first in case we needed to return and do nap time before they finished. Since they were both moms, I really felt like they understood my questions and my needs!

I received a deep cleaning of my house which included the baseboards, windows, blinds, ceiling fans, oven, refrigerator, microwave, hardwood floors, all surfaces in the bathrooms, vacuuming the basement, cleaning my tile floors in bathroom and kitchen, dusting all surfaces and more!  

You can determine what you want to have cleaned and you can decide if you want the cleaners to move your personal items or leave them be. A lot of customizing is available! They will even call you to let you know when they are about to arrive and when they are finished!

While I was out, enjoying time with my kids, I felt exceptionally happy knowing that my house was being cleaned! It is a relief to know that the house has had a deep clean, especially things that are hard to clean like vertical blinds and ceiling fans. One of my least favorite chores was done for me: cleaning all the floors! 

When we got home, my kids could even tell that the house was cleaner! The floors were shiny and they were intrigued by the fancy vacuum marks on the playroom carpet! I was definitely a happy mom that day!

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Julie Miller
Julie is a Wooster, Ohio native whose past jobs include GED teacher, mosaic artist, ACT tutor, group facilitator for homeless children, and picture framer, to name a few! After getting married and moving to Columbus with her husband Eric in 2008, they helped start Capital City Grace Church. Julie got her Masters of Social Work at OSU and worked for a homelessness prevention program for 5 years before the opportunity presented itself to stay at home with her then 2 year old. Currently, Julie is the Children’s Ministry Director at her church and blogs about her experiences exploring the city she loves to call home with her sons, who are now 4 and 20 months. Julie loves trying new recipes and doing creative projects but her most common achievements these days are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and building Lego police stations. Her favorite things include big cities, coffee (and lots of it!), spending time with friends, traveling and ice cream (lots and lots of it!). You can follow her family's adventures around Columbus on her blog, What Should We Do Today Columbus?