Sharing a Bowl of Comforting Ice Cream with My Kids

We want to thank our partners at Hudsonville Ice Cream for providing the ice cream that inspired this post, as well as sponsoring this content.

Growing up in a family of wonderful cooks, from my Mom and Dad, to my grandmas and aunts, I enjoyed belly-warming meatloaves, creamy mamaliga (a Romanian polenta dish), beef bourguignon, fettuccine Alfredo, and many many more wonderful, soul-filled meals.

But for me, nothing can conjure up the comfort and nostalgia of my childhood better than a single dish of ice cream – from my grandma prescribing a bowl for an “upset” tummy, to relaxing evenings on the couch next to my mom enjoying some simple vanilla with chocolate syrup, ice cream soothes.  Which is why, today, as a mom to three littles, I relish in sitting around our kitchen table enjoying some delicious, comforting, midwest-grown Hudsonville Ice Cream.

In these crazy, uncertain, and sometimes scary times we are facing, the comfort of ice cream is helping to sooth my family through connection and comfort.  My oldest, well he has simple tastes, and opts for Creamery Blend Vanilla. Although he’s only 5, he feels the stress of the times, and knows that his world has been turned upside down.  The simplicity of a creamy, flavorful bowl of Creamery Blend Vanilla is the perfect comfort for him.  My 3 year old, well he’s a little wild, and loves Traverse City Cherry Fudge.  Full of big but familiar flavor, he enjoys every bite filled with cherry, almond, and fudge-y goodness.

My husband is the rock in our family, full of pragmatism, but also a love of adventure.  He opts for Hudsonville’s unique Toasted Coconut.  Providing the perfect background to reminisce about our past tropical vacations, it’s a suitable companion to his sunny outlook.  Me, I’m classic and practical, I find comfort in the known.  Which is why I turn to Hudsonville’s Deer Traxx ice cream to comfort my belly, sooth my soul, and remind me of brighter days.

A global pandemic is big and scary, and there’s just so much uncertainty and change.  Everyone is feeling the stress. And although my children are too young to fully understand, they do pick up on the feelings being circulated through our home, hear snippets on the news, and know for certain that their world has been turned upside down.  But when we sit down together, as a family, and enjoy the comforts of ice cream, none of that matters.  We’re just a family, sitting at our table, in our house, enjoying a treat, just like I did when I was a small child.

What’s one of your favorite memories involving ice cream?  Do you think there’s a certain flavor that might bring you more comfort than others?

To create your own connection and comfort with Hudsonville Ice Cream, find a retailer near you using their handy Scoop Locator.

P.S. If you shop at Meijer, check out the Hudsonville Ice Cream coupon on mPerks, available April 19-May 2.  Just add it to your pick-up or delivery order for a super simple way to enjoy a sweet treat!

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