When Your Spouse is a Million-Mile Flier




It’s hard. It’s hard on you, your children, and let’s not make them the bad guy; it’s hard on them as well. You’re holding down the fort, for days or even weeks at a time. You’re alone with your children, forced to practice the art of multi-tasking (which although I’d love to say I’m great at, I’m not.) Resentment runs strong, and your heart aches for your babies who miss their mommy or daddy. You are responsible for every feeding, every diaper change, and everything else that goes along with daily life. Let’s talk getting through a busy week when your partner is out of town!


Don’t change nap or bedtime routines

Guilty! It’s hard to stay on track when you’re responsible for everything. Life gets overwhelming, and it’s easy to lose track of time. Keeping consistent naptime and bedtime routines is so helpful for you, and important for your little one.


Do something fun

Sitting inside all day and night, will drive you and your kids crazy. COSI is great for a gloomy day, and the zoo is an awesome outing! There are also tons of free options around town, and hundreds of great parks! I’ll let you in on another secret…most restaurants have a “kids eat free” night!

Columbus Zoo hours & tickets here

COSI hours & tickets here

List of 10 Amazing Columbus parks here


Grocery shop

I love grocery shopping. In fact, I’m a compulsive grocery shopper. I love Costco more than the mall. But, make it easier on yourself and meal plan ahead of time. Do you really want to battle with a cranky toddler because you forgot milk for their cereal? Also, paper plates…use them. Take my advice and you can thank me later.


Turn on the TV, and don’t feel bad

Let’s be real- you need to take a shower, you have to eat, and sometimes the dog has to go out. Ladies, Micky Mouse Clubhouse is great. Babies love it, kids love it, and I love it. Let them sing along with Mickey while you get stuff done. Don’t beat yourself up, either. You’re human, and household chores don’t magically disappear when your spouse is gone.


Take a breather

I know many times, Facebook is my only adult interaction for days. Go to the gym and utilize the childcare option, run through Starbucks & enjoy a hot coffee, or read a magazine! Do something for yourself.

Use technology to stay in touch

Don’t forget to utilize apps that allow you to talk, like FaceTime or Skype!

Download Skype for free here

Don’t be angry

Guilty, again! Sometimes it’s hard to remember my husband is working, not playing. All I think about is him eating at fancy steakhouses and staying in luxury hotels. What I don’t remember is, he’s sleeping alone, eating alone, spending countless hours in board rooms & airports, and away from his family.

Let’s look on the bright side; family time is that much more important when your loved one is home.

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