Spring Fashion for Toddlers


Spring is rapidly approaching and for some of us that may mean sprucing up your tots’ wardrobe. Now that we can start shedding the puffy coats and snow pants we can look ahead to prep for Easter events, spring family photos, or just every day cuteness! Trendy outfits are no longer exclusive to adult wardrobes and my favorite outfits for young children and toddlers are really just miniature adult outfits but with a dash more whimsy. If you keep the looks whimsical and / or classic, you can keep passing the clothes down without worrying about subsequent children getting the short end of the stick.

Let’s break this down…

Toddler Boy Pieces

  • button downs in all patterns and colors
  • skinny jeans / slacks in a variety of fun colors
  • blazers / oversized cardigans
  • suspenders
  • bow ties (variety of colors and patterns)
  • aviators
  • high top sneakers
  • fedoras / newsboy caps / beanies

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Toddler Girl Pieces

  • oversized sweaters and cardigans
  • skinny jeans
  • anything lace
  • fringed tops
  • rompers
  • leotard tops
  • peter pan collared dresses in vintage prints
  • tulle skirts paired with oversized sweaters
  • toddler infinity scarves
  • adjustable headbands and cute bows
  • flats and high top sneakers

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What’s In?

  • It’s not spring without pastels! A tried and true color scheme that never dissapoints
  • Lace
  • Chambray
  • T-shirts with humorous, simple, sayings in a bold font. Less cutesy, more swag


Where to buy?

  • I try to not get pigeon holed into shopping around a department store for all these specific items. It’s best to get an idea of the type of style you are going for and find different shops that carry those types of items. I find that I spend a lot less money by shopping online and finding our accessories from boutiques while getting the basics from wherever you normally shop. Instagram and Pinterest have been great resources for finding cute, affordable, unique items that you would never find elsewhere. Plus it is a great opportunity to shop small and support other moms.


  • Go big! I always get clothes in the next size up but still slim fitting. Baggy is cute now and fitted will be cute later. (Also, girls jeans in the next size up double as great fitting skinny jeans for a toddler boy.)
  • Pattern mixing. Add fun to their wardrobe! Kids should love their clothes too and fun, eclectic, prints make the kids really excited to get dressed.
  • Comfort comes first, so I like to choose button on bow ties so the neck never gets uncomfortable, adjustable headbands instead of the hard ones, stretchy and soft material so as to not inhibit playtime.

Can’t wait to see your fashion forward tots around the playground!


  1. What cute kids in their little outfits. Mine are much bigger and older now and I remember those days of dressing them for special events and matching outfits. Thanks for taking me back down memory lane!

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