Ten Mom Skills I Never Knew I Had


Can you ever truly be prepared for motherhood? There are no instructions, no guide books and no courses to enroll in to equip us with the skills required to be a mom. Furthermore, there is no job description or details for what the role entails. Being a mother is straight up on the job training. Sure, we might have had an idea of what we were getting into, but you really have to live it to understand what being a mom truly requires. I’m only five years into this position, but when I think back to the skills I’ve developed in this role, I have to give myself a big pat on the back. And you should too! It’s encouraging to pause and recall the valuable skills and lessons learned in this special role as a mother. In no particular order, here is my top ten list of mom skills I never knew I had.

  1. roles as a momConflict Manager

    When it comes to dealing with conflict, moms do it all. We’re the judge, the jury and the punisher-basically a mobile courthouse that’s always ready for session.

  2. Master Negotiator

    The solution to my son not wanting to change from his pajamas for preschool? Wear his regular clothes over top! Not my choice, but the solution we settled on and we both got what we wanted. It’s often a dance of give and take, but we usually find some middle ground we can both agree on.

  3. Motivational Speaker 

    Let’s be honest, sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to motivate your children. When words fall short, dangling a carrot often does the trick. Marshmallows for smiles during family photos. A visit to the Target dollar spot after a doctor visit. Choosing the Pandora station for putting on shoes in a timely manner. Some call it bribing, others call it inspiration.

  4. Googler Extraordinaire

    Siri + Google are a match made in heaven. I mean, how did inquisitive children get their questions answered before the Internet? (Honestly, I lived it and do not remember!) We look things up multiple times on the daily and get a response within seconds. It’s crazy that that’s the only world my children know-instant answers. But I’ll take a little credit for helping locate them. (Thanks Google!)

  5. Positive Spinner

    What do you tell your screaming three-year-old when his granola bar breaks? Wow, how lucky-now you have two bars, one for each hand! It’s all about how you frame a situation and deliver a positive response.

  6. Politician

    Sometimes we have just have to get a point across regardless of the situation. We listen intently, shake our head respectively as we hear what they’re saying, then we respond with our own agenda. I understand that you want another snack sweet child, but it’s important for you to pick up your toys right now. This is different, yet closely related to skill number three.

  7. Creative Expressionist

    Thanks to Pinterest inspo, we’re over here expressing creativity through food, art, crafts, nature and a plethora of other activities. Not to mention the imaginary play, story telling, and role play. Embracing my own inner child always brings smiles to my kids’ faces and promotes their creativity and self-expression. Plus, it’s really fun! 

  8. Multitasker

    Sure, I can build Legos with my oldest, read a book to my toddler and feed my baby simultaneously. In fact, it’s not really a challenge until I’ve got my hands in three or more tasks at one time. Okay, not really, but I am impressed with how many different things I can manage at once now that I’m a mom.

  9. Scavenger

    Hungry? I haven’t been to the grocery in ten days but somehow managed to piece together (an interesting) meal. Bored while waiting for an oil change? Here, we can play a game with these coffee stirrers in the lobby. Cold hands? Oh, here I have some extra socks you can use as gloves. It’s amazing how resourceful moms can be, especially under pressure.

  10. Time Manager

    Truth be told, the only events I can guarantee to be on time for each day are nap time and bedtime. But hey, that’s something! Typically those are the most important deadlines to meet daily and they always get done.

As moms we’re always learning, constantly adapting and ever changing just as our children do. Along with this, comes personal growth and development of additional skill sets to navigate new challenges. Motherhood looks different to every mom but one thing is the same, we all learn as we go!

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Emily Bice grew up in a small, Ohio farming community west of Columbus. It wasn't until she met her college sweetheart and future husband that her mind was opened to living elsewhere. They say love makes you do crazy things which lead Emily and her Texan husband to living in Central America for two years. After much adventure and traveling, she ended up back in Columbus where the real adventure began: motherhood. She is the mom of two young boys and an infant daughter and wife to the ultimate man's man. She's living her dream as a stay at home mom but will be the first to admit that she is far from having it all figured out. Her hardest parenting moments are typically around nap time and bedtime and after particularly rough episodes she can be found online shopping. In a former chapter of life, Emily worked in non-profit raising funds and awareness for important causes. Today, she spends her time playing and snuggling with her three children, traveling to and from her husband's lacrosse company's events and socializing with friends and family. When she has any free time, she usually wastes it trying to figure out what to do.