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This post was sponsored by The Skin Clique, but all the opinions expressed here are my own.

Self-Care. You may think it’s just a term coined by Instagram influencers or Youtube vloggers, but after a quick google search, I learned it has a history dating back to the 1950s. Maybe it’s the increased use of the term or possibly a global pandemic, but many of us have searched for ways to take care of ourselves so, we could, in turn, care for others. One thing upfront, self-care is not selfish. I like to compare it to when you board a plane and you’re traveling with a small child; what does the flight attendant specifically tell you as she steps RIGHT next to your seat? “Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.”

What’s my self-care routine for 2022? First, it’s scheduling all of my yearly physical and dental visits for the year. I know this likely isn’t the most glamourous version of self-care, but I want to make my health a priority. Working out is always at the top of my list, whether it’s an online workout, in a studio, or a walk with my family. I want to move my body every day intentionally. I’d like to read a book a month in 2022, which will be a drastic increase to the zero books I read in 2021. Last, but certainly not least on my list every year since my mid-twenties, SKIN CARE!

I have always been a skincare “groupie,” so when I had the opportunity to have Rose Grady NP-C with The Skin Clique over for a dermaplane and peel “house call,” this was the self-care I was seeking. Convenient, easy and time-saving compared to what I’ve done in the past…did I mention convenient? It doesn’t matter if you are a SAHM or mom that works out of the house; you likely feel like you’re being pulled in multiple directions. Maybe there would be some guilt associated with taking time away from your kids for a little skin care self-care; you could be grocery shopping, you should be working. But, let me tell you, The Skin Clique and their ability to do treatments in your own home eliminated any flicker of that doubt for me.

“You can come to my house and do what?” was my initial thought. No commute, no time waiting in the waiting room wondering if there’s wifi so I can work, no commute home and the only childcare coordination would be picking nap time. The Skin Clique makes it extremely easy to schedule an appointment online and fill out any paperwork in advance.  If you’re a first-timer or feeling a little “un-comfy,” Rose was really helpful with any questions leading up to my appointment.

She texted when she was on her way in case I was finishing up a call, getting a kiddo to take a nap, or, let’s be honest, it’s 2022, so I was doing both at the same time. So I timed my last conference call to about the second she arrived, slammed my laptop and ran to the door like a kid on Christmas. You know the people that you meet you feel like you’ve known forever? That’s Rose. She arrived right on time with what in my skin care loving brain reminded me of Santa’s sack of toys but instead filled with all of the tools to complete my dermaplane and light peel. She laid all of the products out on a tray on my island and I actually commented on how pretty her display was. It was like she brought the luxury of the office into my home. I’ve been dermaplaned more times than I can count and have had 15+ peels in my life, but I have not found and more comfortable or convenient location to get these services than my own worn-in leather couch with a little Chris Stapleton playing in the background.

Rose is as thorough as she is warm and kind. She explained every step and ensured my questions about every lotion, potion and peel and about The Skin Clique itself. Founded in 2018 by Dr. Sarah Allen who is a mom of four girls, not only give clients of The Skin Clique the ability to have unique aesthetic care in their own home OR office but she also empowers her employees with flexible work schedules. Claire O’Bryan ANP-C, a mom of two girls, is the Co-Founder and has been a nurse practitioner for over a decade and loves finding new skincare for The Skin Clique.

My house call was a dermaplane and light lunchtime peel that left my skin absolutely glowing! On top of that, you can get Botox or Xeomin injections or a little more than a “lunchtime” chemical peel. The Skin Clique can schedule appointments at your home, office or even get some friends together for a little “skin care event.” You will walk away with not only glowing skin but also some extra education on skincare. Rose wrapped up my treatment and she was just as quick packing up and she was unpacking her bag. Likely before she even started her car, I was able to get back to work, a little more relaxed this time and unload the groceries that arrived on the porch during her visit. If you’re like me and skin care is on your 2022 self-care list, the ability to get these treatments in my home is a gamechanger. If it’s not on your list, schedule one visit with Rose at The Skin Clique mid-day and I guarantee the second half of your day will be a little more relaxing than the first.

To schedule an appointment with The Skin Clique, email Rose directly at [email protected], or visit her on Instagram @theskinclique.Ohio.

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