Tips for getting Through Cold and Flu Season the Natural Way

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Fall brings with it magnificent foliage, pumpkin patches, and unfortunately, the beginning of stuffy nose season. My kids’ noses seem to start running as the leaves start falling in mid-October and finally dry up just as the daffodils peak through the newly thawed soil in the spring. And while I’m always desperate to help them feel better, I feel better if I can offer them some more natural remedies whenever possible. If you feel the same way, try these tips to help get you through cold and flu season more naturally.

  1. Make sure you have a cool mist humidifier on hand. When my kids’ noses start running, I run for the humidifier. If you don’t have one, get one. And if you do have one, it’s time to unearth it from its summer hiding place and give it a good cleaning (because if you’re anything like me, cleaning the humidifier is a dreaded chore so it was not likely put away clean). It’s not a magic bullet on its own, but I find that in combination with a few other remedies, my kids sleep better.
  2. Find a vapor rub that works for you. When my kids are sick, I am all about attacking on every front possible, both to ease their discomfort and to try to ensure a few hours of sleep for myself. So when my kids are congested we reach for The Honest Company’s Organic Breathe Easy Rub; it’s free of menthol, petrolatum, lanolin, phthalates, parabens, fragrances, mineral oil, and dyes, and, according to their website, is safe for babies three months and older. It smells great and my son always asks for his “tickles”, as he calls it,  when he’s sick.
  3. Hit Costco to stock up on Hyland’s 4 Kids Cold’ n Cough Day and Night Combo Pack with Natural Grape Flavor. As the oldest manufacturer of homeopathic medicines in the U.S., Hyland’s has been trusted by moms for over a century. So, while lots in parenting changes, it’s nice to be able to rely on a tried and true fallback like this. This is recommended for ages 2 to 12, and it’s been a winter staple in our house since our oldest turned 2. Even better, they have both a daytime and a nighttime version that are sold in a combo pack exclusively at Costco so you can help your little one fight all that coughing, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose and congestion both day and night. Hyland’s can provide symptom relief for your little one, and relief for you because it’s all natural, free of artificial color and flavors and free of stimulant side effects. My son has always been pretty good with taking medicine, but he actually tries to trick us into giving this to him twice.hylands-4-kids-combo-pack
  4. Keep them hydrated. When a cold sets in, I start pushing fluids to keep my kids hydrated. Of course, there is only so much water a 3-year-old will drink, so I also stock up on juice boxes, both for the hydration and some added vitamin C. The juice can also be used to make freezer pops to offer another way to hydrate that is usually more appealing to kids.
  5. Grab a bottle of your favorite wine. Okay, this one is for you, not your kid, and I’m not sure if it’s all natural (it’s made from grapes though, right?). As if being a mom wasn’t already a 24-hour-a-day job, when your kids get sick you go into overtime mode. There is lots of wiping noses, fetching blankets and stuffed animals, and late night cuddling. It can all leave you with nothing left. So, once your little one is tucked in bed and sleeping peacefully, pour yourself a glass of wine—you deserve it.

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