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Many thanks to Tire Discounters for providing the Skip the Shop services listed in this post. The opinions are solely of the author.

We all have those grown up tasks that we have to do but aren’t the most enjoyable way to spend our time and can really wreak havoc on our productivity… the dentist, the BMV, oil changes. While I don’t think there will ever be a way to go to the dentist without actually going to the dentist, I did recently discover how to get your oil changed without actually going to the auto repair shop thanks to Tire Discounters Skip the Shop service!

Keep on reading for info on how to get half off a synthetic oil change!

As a full-time working mom, between working 40+ hours a week and maximizing my non-working hours with my family, the last thing I have time for is sitting in an auto repair shop while my car has much-needed car maintenance done. And while my son loves cars, he’s typically over it within 2 minutes the times that I’ve had to take him, and I’m stuck dealing with a bored, grumpy toddler. With Tire Discounters Skip the Shop service, they pick up your car from your home or workplace, and then deliver it back to you after service is complete. With 17 stores in the Columbus area, Tire Discounters will be there to help make your life a bit easier.

Tire Discounter hat
My son, Dexter, Tire Discounters’ newest little fan!

I was able to quickly schedule my appointment over the phone, and my Tire Discounters Personal Vehicle Manager gave me a courtesy call about 25 minutes in advance to let me know he was on his way. He and his colleague showed up (it’s a magical service, and my Personal Vehicle Manager was super cool, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have magical flying powers), he had me sign some quick paperwork, I handed him the key, and they were off! I headed back to my desk and went about my workday faster than a coffee refill or quick gossip session by the proverbial water cooler would have taken. Productivity level: #likeamother.

My car was in great hands with my Personal Vehicle Manager!

Tire Discounters is the nation’s largest, 100% family owned and operated independent tire provider, and is growing rapidly. Columbus is Tire Discounter’s second largest market with 17 stores in the city; Westerville is the newest shop to serve customers in northern Columbus, and my car was serviced in the Mill Run location in Hilliard. They were recently named Tire Dealer of the Year, which is truly a recognition of their dedication every day to delivering outstanding customer service. My experience lived up to that recognition! Everyone I dealt with, including the person I spoke to on the phone for scheduling, and my Personal Vehicle Manager and his colleague, were all professional and friendly and wanted to be sure I had a great experience.

Tire Discounters in Columbus
The Mill Run Tire Discounters location, where my car was serviced.

And the service itself was excellent! While most people hear Tire Discounters and think tires, they also offer a full range of automotive services. In addition to the Skip the Shop service, I had a full synthetic oil change, tire alignment, and tire rotation. Not that a responsible mom like me would ever be a few miles late getting an oil change, but let’s just say it was much needed, and I could feel the difference when I took it for a spin later, 90s hip-hop blaring.

The new Westerville location and all Columbus-area locations are currently offering Skip the Shop for no additional charge (take a look at their Skip the Shop video – “Some people have better things to do”). Columbus Mom subscribers can get 1/2 off of a full synthetic oil change, too! That’s a $69.99 value for $34.99 (plus taxes + fees). Get the coupon code from the above link, and then request your appointment, including Skip the Shop here! With that deal and the convenience of Skip the Shop, don’t be like high school me and let your car accidently run out of oil and break down on the side of 315 (and if you have a driving-aged kid, here’s your reminder to teach them about oil changes and basic car maintenance).

Skip the Shop Service at no charge
Try Skip the Shop for no additional charge!

Tire Discounters is always thinking of ways that they can make the service process easier for their customers and Skip the Shop is the company’s latest example. Follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@tirediscounters) to stay updated on not only their news and services, but to see funny posts that will brighten your day! And be sure to book that maintenance appointment and take advantage of Skip the Shop so that you, too, can stay as productive as a mother!

Tire Discounters sign

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