To The First Time Mom… Let Me Give It To You Straight


Dear First Time Mom,

You literally have no clue what is coming. I say this with the most loving tone and open arms.

I wish someone gave it to me straight. 

I am here to do you a favor and give you some little insights into the world you are entering. 

I am a mom of three and have been parenting for five years. I wouldn’t say I am an expert, however, I feel I owe it to motherhood to enlighten the newbie moms. 

So here we go….

  1. Stuff
    • You don’t need a lot of stuff. A stroller, car seat, some footed PJs and you should be good to go. I wish someone told me this. My oldest are twins and I had way too much stuff. It was overwhelming. I never used the vast majority of my baby gadgets. When my third kiddo came around, I simplified a lot. 
  2. Feeding
    • Just feed the babies. I will keep this simple since this can be a touchy subject. My greatest advice is this: Do what makes YOU (MAMA) happy. Do what works for your family. END. OF. DISCUSSION.
  3. Tribe
    • Moms clubs, play-groups, workout mom groups… they are dumb, right? I thought so too. The truth is….THEY ARE SANITY SAVERS. I was the first in my crew to have kids. No matter how much your “friends-with-no-kids” try to be supportive, they will never understand unless they are actively living it. Sometimes you need others in the trenches to help with the battles and celebrate the victories. Do what you can to find like-minded moms. You need them, trust me. 
  4. Google
    • Just don’t, don’t Google… call a doctor. That is all. 
  5. Time
    • A wise woman once told me that children will do “everything” by age five. You know what? As I entered year five of parenting, she was totally right! I mean they pee in a toilet, they know their letters, they walk, they listen, they eat multiple food groups. Don’t compare your kids. I compared my own TWINS! I am sad to say it, but I did. Now that I am a wise old parent, I know that every kid is truly different. They will all eventually get those milestones down. 
      *Side note: Trust your mom gut. If you truly think something developmentally is going on with your kiddo talk with the professionals, seek out support from other parents, and advocate for yourself and your child. 
  6. Simplify
    • People have been parenting for literally thousands of years. From generation to generation, we have managed to raise good people. I think the key to years of parenting success is to keep it all simple. Trust your gut, surround yourself with good people, and remember to stay off Google.

Until Next Time…


A Five Year Mom