Ways to Survive Soccer Season

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soccerI like the title of Soccer Mom. It brings me a lot of joy to watch my kids in action as they partake in various sports throughout the year. Although I love watching the game, there’s a lot of behind the scene hustle involved to get them there on time and ready to play. Here are some ways I’ve found to help keep my sanity during each season of sports.



Items Ready to Go

The night before I make sure the kids have their uniform and gear laid out. This helps the kids with independence because they can get themselves dressed in the morning and I don’t need to assist in finding any missing uniform items as the clock is ticking. 

Additionally, I have the water bottles set out on the counter so they are ready to be filled.

Quick and Easy Breakfast

On the weekends we like to enjoy a leisurely morning and slow start to our day; however, this doesn’t always align with our soccer league. 

Cereal is our go-to choice for breakfast, especially during game weekends. For myself, I like to mix Honey Bunches of Oats® into yogurt because it is the perfect combination of crispy and sweet flakes, plus crunchy clusters, with a touch of honey. My children prefer the sugary cereals and typically request Cocoa Pebbles™ if they want to start their day in a chocolatey way or Fruity Pebbles™, which is a sweetened crispy rice cereal with intense fruity flavor. If we are running, late, I toss the cereal into a container or baggie so the kids can eat it in the car. 

If you have a little more time and are looking for additional breakfast ideas such as Frosted Mixed Berry Acai Breakfast Bowl, S’mores Breakfast Parfait or Cinnamon Roll Smoothie Bowl, use these links to find the recipes on the Post Cereals website.

Check the Weather

I often do this the night before, so I can have items prepared in advance (which was my #1 tip), but things can change hour by hour. Here in Ohio, we often need layers and/or sunscreen. I make sure I have gloves, hats and even a blanket to keep me warm on the sidelines. Also, even if my children say they don’t need these things, I at least bring them with me in the car so I can run back and get them. 

Another item I highly recommend having set out is an umbrella. Big and sturdy is a plus because the wind can be fierce on the wide open soccer fields. I am totally envious of the moms that have invested in those sport pods where they sit inside, but I don’t have one of those yet.

Also, be sure to have the rain boots handy. Not only can the fields sometimes be wet and muddy, if we have early games, the ground is often damp from dew and walking through those to the soccer fields can lead to wet feet pretty quickly.

Bring a Game Bag

Snacks are an essential item. Even though the soccer game lasts then less than an hour, without fail, my children are always asking for snacks on the sideline. I usually mix it up each week, but our frequent rotations include cereal, pretzels or rice cakes. (See below for details on a chance to win an AMAZING insulated game bag from Post Cereals.)

Rock Your Soccer Mom Status

No matter the skill level of your player, you can still show support with these ideas: 7 Ways to Rock Your Soccer Mom Status

Calling All Soccer Fans

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Post Cereals wants to celebrate soccer with you and your families and be there to help fuel your All-Star player on and off the field.

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