10 Tips for Moving With Kids


Your Trusted Columbus Residential Mover helps you prepare your kids and reduce the stress of your family’s move.

Moving is stressful for everyone.  However, moving with a family can be even more so.  You may be concerned about how to deal with your kids when you move, especially young kids.  Moving with toddlers can be especially difficult, but even older kids might be nervous or overwhelmed by the move. Leaders Moving & Storage Co. has provided some helpful tips that you can apply to your family that will help with the moving process from start to finish.

1. Get Your Kids Used to the Idea of Moving 

This applies especially to sensitive or very young kids, who may not deal with change well. Talk to your kids about the move as soon as you know you are going to move. Reassure them that none of their things will be left behind.  Another way to get them used to the idea is to read them books about moving.  There are a lot of children’s stories our there that can help children understand what’s going to happen during the moving process.  Check one out at the library or bookstore in the weeks leading up the move.

2. Visit the New Home with Your Kids

Let your kids see what the house looks like in person or with photos, especially what their bedrooms look like. Doing this before the move can get them excited about the move instead of anxious.

3. Finish Your Kids’ Projects Before You Move

If your kids have been working on crafts or puzzles for a while, be sure to have them finished and pack them up before you move. Leaving them to the last minute might result in missing or lost parts or pieces, which won’t make your kids very happy.  This applies to any personal projects you may have too.

4. Start Packing Early

You may have events to attend for you or your kids right up until the move date along with all the other essential moving tasks, so it helps to be prepared. Start packing several weeks ahead of time and devote a little time each day.

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5.  Consider Letting Your Kids Help Pack

For some kids packing up their things can be upsetting, but for others, it might help them feel more involved. Determine what is best for your family.

If letting things go is too difficult for your kids, consider using packing services provided by your mover.  At Leaders Moving, we can pack up your things the day of or day before your move depending on how much you need to pack.

6. Protect Your Kids’ Toys with Plastic Wrap

Buy some of the extra large plastic wrap at the store and use it to protect bulky or oddly shaped toys. You can even wrap a few toys together.  This is a unique packing tip to prevent them from getting dirty or broken on the trip.

7. Pack an Essentials Suitcase

You can pack one suitcase for the whole family or have your kids pack their own. Pack it like you would if you were going to a hotel; toothbrushes, a few changes of clothes, hygiene products, etc.  Take your suitcase(s) with you in your car and you won’t have to unpack boxes right away when you get to your new place.

8. Ask a Relative, Friend, or Babysitter to Take Care of Your Kids on Move Day

At Leaders Moving, we recommend getting a babysitter not only to reduce the hassle but to keep everyone safe. Having kids running around the house and getting in the way of the movers is dangerous for the movers and, more importantly, dangerous for your children.

9. Set Up the Kids’ Room(s) First

When you get to your new home, settle your kids into their new bedroom(s) to make them comfortable. Making sure their bed and favorite things are unpacked and ready in their room will make things go a lot smoother.

10. Get Your Kids to Help You Unpack

While packing up their things might not be easy for kids, unpacking will be a hit! Kids will want to have their favorite things unpacked first, so get them involved.  Giving them something to do will also relieve the stress on you from an exhausting day.

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