20 Things to Remember About Your Five-Year-Old


I am Five!

  1. I know, I know, I’m going to kindergarten.
  2. I want to do the right thing and please you.
  3. I am the sweetest kid ever, right mom?
  4. Can I help you clean up so we can have special time together?
  5. Let’s get out the play-dough. Now the paint. Let’s blow up pop bottles with Mentos!
  6. I don’t want to grow up. I want to stay this way forever, just like Peter Pan. Don’t you mom?
  7. I feel safe and loved just having you nearby.
  8. Look at my 20th picture of Spiderman! Is it the best mommy? I’m going to draw another one.
  9. Oh, I made soup in the bowl. It’s lemon juice, grapes, water and some carrots. Try it? It’s soo good!
  10. I’m going to sell all of my toys. How much money do you think I can get for them?
  11. Look, I wrote my name…. on your journal, and daddy’s work papers. At least it wasn’t the wall.
  12. I don’t need a Kleenex. I just have a booger in my nose. But I have to pick it! It’s a big one!
  13. My shirt tastes so good, like sweat and dirt, that’s why I suck on it all the time. And it feels good too. I don’t care if it is gross. It doesn’t bother me.
  14. My underwear is itchy again, I’m not touching my penis. OK, maybe I’m touching it a little bit. Do I have to go to my room?
  15. No, I don’t have to go potty. I’m sure. I’m not doing the dance. I’m positive, I’m not doing the potty dance. OK, just a little dance.
  16. Can I call Grandma? Grandma, can I come over and watch tv, eat candy, and you can buy me toys? Oh, yes, I love you too! You are my favorite!
  17. Especially when you buy me candy!
  18. Will you sleep with me. No?! OK, will you scratch my back forever then? I’m scared of the dark.
  19. Can we please, please, please buy more duct tape, cardboard, markers, and paint! I want to make a car. Oh yes, we will need wheels too.
  20. Yes, I know my underwear is on backwards. Tomorrow I’ll turn them around so you don’t have to wash them. Aren’t I brilliant?!

How to help your child

  1. Encourage. Encourage lots of active play and allow your five-year-old to play and engage in crafts and activities on his own. Most of all he needs your love and connection and for you to be patient. When your five-year-old wants to be close, your lap may still be his favorite place to sit.
  2. Crafts. Create a bin of crafts with duct tape, beads, strings, glue, pipe cleaners, and cardboard so your five-year-old can create her own art and projects.
  3. Explore. Explore out in nature with magnifying glasses, flashlights and microscopes. Going into the woods or even the backyard will keep your five-year-old occupied.
  4. Bedtime Routine. Have your five-year-old create his own bedtime routine chart with your assistance making a list of things to do before bedtime. Make sure to include personal touches of a special prayer, story, the best and worst part of the day, or expressing gratitude.
  5. Expectations with grandparents. Before arriving at grandma and grandpa’s house have a pep talk and give expectations to your five-year-old about how to be respectful and what is appropriate to ask or request. Encourage your child to also let his grandparents know how much she loves them and how thankful she is of any gifts.
  6. Nose Picking. I’m not a medical doctor; however, treating allergies and colds using neti pots, nasal aspirators, petroleum jelly in the nostrils, warm towels, and humidifiers may be helpful. Then quietly remind him to keep his hand out or gently guide his hand down. Handing a tissue without saying a word could also be helpful. Keep hands clean and washed and busy with activities.
  7. Touching privates. Remind your five-year-old that he can touch himself in private; however, it can make other people feel uncomfortable in public so it is not acceptable to touch himself in public.
  8. Don’t expect too much. Your five-year-old has matured; however, she may still have tantrums and is working on self-control. Know that this is normal.
  9. Games. This age is fun to play board games, memory games, I spy, Red light Green light, etc.
  10. Encourage curiosity. Ask your five-year-old what he thinks rather than answering questions for him to encourage curiosity.

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