From 1st to 3rd Child, Life Lessons Learned


Before I had children, I thought some things just wouldn’t happen. Not my kid. Well, after the third child, I get it. So take it from me on these lessons learned!

Climbing On Everything

The climbing gets more intense by birth order. The youngest watches the older sibling, then mimics and propels even farther. It’s like a competition. You have less time to chase and more things to do. Sometimes, the question is do you let the child climb or walk on the couch or make dinner? You decide…

Getting Dirty

I am a neat freak. My oldest gets really dirty, really fast. Each child has different levels of dexterity and a sense of wonder. Now I just let them dig in a dirt hole. What does it hurt?  They’ll wash. And I get a quick break and it’s a totally free activity! This is one of the best lessons learned! 

getting dirty at the creekStains

I tried to keep my first child’s clothes immaculate, because they would be passed down to her sisters. Well, that is impossible this time around. It’s a losing battle not worth fighting.


I grew up shopping at Goodwill. You can find name brands and lots of educational toys. You just have to find the good stores. My daughters love going on the hunt for a sweet find. And it’s the perfect place to create costumes and projects. It is a great cause too!

Character Shirts

I hated cartoon character apparel. Instead I loved the little coordinating sets and little grownup clothes. Many of which I would choose to wear if they sold in my size. The joy on a child’s face with their favorite character on their clothing is worth it. It also allows them to choose and decide what they like. It builds their personalities, helps build confidence and comradery with peers. I have however been able to steer away from the shoes, ha!

Making Scenes

I had a horrible experience at a library story time when my oldest daughter was a toddler.  The teacher legit stopped the class and asked, “Whose is she?” because she was talking.  While this teacher wasn’t  very kid-oriented, when I took my daughter to the side and walked out, my daughter lost it! When my second had a tantrum, I took a deep breath and exited the library with patrons staring. It happens to everyone! Their little minds are learning how to cope and they aren’t able to because their brains aren’t developed yet. Take those breaths, we’ve all been there. Give a kind word to a fellow mama.


Sugar. It’s not the best thing, but in moderation it isn’t horrible. After you have the oldest indulging in a treat, the younger ones want one too. It’s a great life lesson to discuss.  Eating healthy meals and getting exercise are great habits to instill. Then have a small treat. And on special occasions, it’s okay to go a little overboard.

Naps and Bedtime Schedule

My oldest had set naptimes and bedtimes. Once my second was born, we were on the go.  When she was tired she slept. It allowed me to give my oldest much needed out of the house activities (social butterfly) and Mommy time.

Wild Child

My third is crazy! A good crazy, but wild. If my first did half of the things that she does I would have freaked. So, instead I embrace her antics, correct when absolutely needed and move on. Patience is a hard one for me. But, by the third it gets really lax.

No more Mom guilt. Embrace the lessons learned!