A Letter to My Wife


I am a dad, writing for a mom’s blog. I am thankful and honored for this opportunity to participate in this community. Since this is my first post, I thought that I would write a letter to my wife about all the wonderful things she does for our family but doesn’t always give herself credit for. I hope that some of these words hit your heart as well and that you recognize that wherever you are in motherhood, you too are an amazing mom.

Dear Melanie,

As my favorite comedian, Jim Gaffigan, said, “All women are amazing…a woman can grow a baby inside her body, then a woman can deliver the baby through her body, and…a woman can feed a baby with her body…and when you think of the male contribution to life, it’s kind of embarrassing.” So true.

Not only did you do that three times, but you do so much more. As Jim said, you truly are amazing. Motherhood is difficult. I know this because fatherhood is difficult and I don’t do nearly as much as you do with our daughters.

You are selfless, altering your life for the betterment of the family. You have stepped out of your comfort zone, placing your career on hold to be a stay-at-home, homeschool mom so that you can spend these early years with our girls.   

You are a historian, recording our family history through pictures, videos, scrapbooks, baby books, and journals.  Your beautiful records let us remember our past and will be treasured keepsakes for the girls when we are gone.

You are the #1 go to tear wiper, boo-boo kisser, hug out the pain comforter. When you are around (and even sometimes when you are not) you are always the first choice when one of our kids needs a hug. You mend scrapes, heal hearts, and apply Band-Aids and love like a pro.

You keep our lives in order. Every time we leave the house, you always have everything the family needs…snacks, diapers, snacks, water bottles, snacks, sweaters, and did I mention snacks.

You are the family’s spiritual compass, praying for the needs of our family, friends, and the world. When we get off track and are burdened by the cares of this world, you always bring us back on course, gently reminding us what is truly important in this life.

You are a social coordinator, planning play dates, family dates, date nights, holidays, and activities, this week, next week, and beyond. Having a third child has not limited you. You do not fear hauling three kids out of the house, and you look great while doing it.

You are our biggest fan, encouraging us to go after our desires and believing in our ability to succeed. You invest time in each of our individual talents, interests, and passions. And I have seen you do the same in your desires as a career coach, kid yoga and ice skating instructor, homeschool teacher, and more.

You are a superhero, swooping in to save the day with hugs, kisses, and tickles when things are getting out of hand.

You are the best role-model our daughters can have, demonstrating how to live life with grace, generosity, and love in your heart.

You are a friend, listening to the triumphs and concerns of our daughters. It is you that they want to confide in, knowing that you will listen without judgment or condemnation.

You are all these things and so much more. So when you feel like you are not good at anything, or that you didn’t accomplish a single task today, don’t worry about it. The chores will still be there tomorrow, but the memories that you made today will be there forever. Thank you for everything that you do.

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Michael Pistiolas is a father to three little princesses: a bossy 7 year-old with a voracious appetite for books, a comical 3 year-old with a stubborn streak, and an adorable 2 month old with a full head of hair. Along with his superhero wife of 10 years, and a philosophy of “love thy neighbor”, they walk through life, homeschooling, and parenthood in general. During the week, Michael works as a Landscape Architect with The Kleingers Group where he designs outdoor spaces for campuses, schools, parks, and local communities. He is a longtime runner with aspirations to one day qualify for the Boston Marathon; however, currently settles for treadmill time in the early mornings or late evenings when the household is asleep. Additionally, Michael has a passion for all things fantasy and sci-fi, and spends his free time reading and playing tabletop games. He has already successfully converted his eldest child to a Star Wars fan and eagerly teaches her any game she is willing to play with him. His favorite color is blue, his favorite food is spanikopita, and his favorite Disney princess is Belle.