Five Date Ideas For Parents With Young Kids


It is no secret that any type of relationship requires spending time together. When it comes to romantic relationships, this time invested together helps strengthen and garnish the lives of partners in a relationship, and this is where date night or date day comes in handy.

As parents with young children, however, date night is a luxury that very few of us get to enjoy. Between work, taking care of little humans, maintaining a habitable home, cooking countless “healthy” meals that end up on the floor, and running various errands, date night can end up at the bottom of a mile-long to-do list, and eventually fall through the cracks.

If you are a parent with young kids, and like me, have been daydreaming about hanging out at the hip bar around the corner, or even trying out that poke bowl that I hear the cool kids raving about, I have compiled five date ideas for parents with kids that may fit into your crazy busy schedule.

1. The After Bedtime Date

This date-time is for those parents who would not mind a late bedtime or who just want to reminisce about the good old college days. It is an easy date where both parents can sit and relax with peace of mind knowing the date doesn’t have a curfew. Cuddling on the couch to watch that “ very overdue” new movie can help partners reconnect and a quiet house is a treat that very few of us get to enjoy. And may I add, this is the cheapest version of a good date!

2. The Day-Date

Daytime is one of the easier times for parents to find a few minutes for a very well needed break, or a date if both parents can carve time out of their respective work responsibilities. I also find that many people who are willing to help out and babysit would prefer doing it during the daytime hours. It is easier to have a family member or a friend watch the little ones while parents try to reconnect. I have personally taken advantage of a day-date and enjoyed lunch, a coffee or even a trip to Costco, which is one of my favorites because I get to both go on a date with my husband and do an errand at the same time, multitasking at its best!

3. The Early Morning Date

For those parents who are early birds or those whose little children are finally sleeping through the night, nothing beats spending the first hours of the morning with a cup of that energy juice and starting the day in the good company of a significant other. Waking up earlier than my kids, as rare as this happens in reality, gives me the very much needed quiet time to start the day energized. If your partner is able to spend a few moments before work and daily busyness, an early morning date may be the best bet at getting in a quality date time with your partner. 

date ideas4. The Nap Time Date

Every parent I know who has young children looks forward to naptime even more than they long for that long-awaited bedtime. For some of us, the two hours of naptime is the only time that we are able to fix everything that is wrong with the world around us! So I understand that using this precious time for a date with your partner may be somewhat of a sacrifice. Forget the dishes, ignore the toys laying around the house and forego that dinner planning and laundry folding, and enjoy a quiet date with your partner before buckling up for the evening routine. 

5. The Long Drive Date

One of my favorite things about this great state of Ohio is the countless open fields, I know…our cornfields can finally be put to use on this one! You may not even need a babysitter for this one, you can pack the kids and head out of the city to drive aimlessly into the scenic country roads and enjoy some deep conversations with your partner. Taking a “destinationless” drive opens you up to so many adventures. We enjoy taking these rides in the springtime or in the fall and love taking in the breathtaking views around the city. The secret to an uninterrupted drive is to schedule the drive close to kids’ naptime, the kids sleep through the “date” and everyone wins in the end!

As parents of young kids, I understand that we have a lot on our plate but let’s not forget how everything started-sharing a laugh with your partner, confiding in each other, partaking in all the fears and anxiety of parenthood, and being a part of each other’s dreams and hobbies is what keeps relationships stronger. Just go on the date

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Denise Ingabire Smith
Denise was born and raised in Rwanda, she immigrated to the US in 2007 and settled in Columbus. She attended THE Ohio State University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and a Master’s degree in Public Health Epidemiology. GO BUCKS! She fell in love with Columbus, its people, culture and even the crazy Ohio weather. She now resides in Groveport with her husband Joseph, her super active toddler Zelda and her always on-the-go son Jasper, and three fur babies. After having her first child, Denise swapped her microscope to a laptop and became a work at home mom. She is a writer and consultant specializing in simplifying medical and health information and the face behind, where she writes passionately about women’s health, motherhood and lifestyle. She loves spending time with her little family, exploring all the hidden hubs of this beautiful state of Ohio, and trying out new foods.