Keep Your Fork, The Best Is Yet To Come


The Most Memorable Breakfast-For-Dinner Experience

Let me take you back in time to when my now-husband and I were still one year away from getting engaged. On a whim, I decided I was going to make “S” the best breakfast-for-dinner meal. I do not like pancakes very much, but “S” does, so I thought I would brew coffee, make scrambled eggs, and whip up some chocolate chip pancakes!

My scrambled eggs were a bit under-cooked, so yours truly thought to zap them in the microwave for ten seconds rather than put them back on the stove. The result? Rubbery eggs.*

My pancake mix was expired (I mentioned how I don’t like pancakes, right?) which made for dense and dry pancakes. Not having chocolate chips in my cupboard (How does that happen!?) left me chopping up and using bloomed baking chocolate. The good news? The coffee was great and we’ve been laughing about those rubbery eggs and the dense pancakes sprinkled with chocolate that tasted like dust since the moment I served it.

Why do I share this story? That was just one of many meals over the years that one of us (usually me) have prepared with less than desirable outcomes. We laugh about it and learn from it for future meals.


Laughter and Learning

That’s how we’ve navigated married life and how we’re trying to navigate this new world of parenting – to laugh with each other and through loads of learning.

It is refreshing to know that joy and learning to improve as a team is the goal, not perfection.

At our one-month visit with the pediatrician, we had a laundry list of things we had tried around sleeping, feeding, clothing, etc. and a short list of things we found that worked for a day or two before they stopped working. Our pediatrician’s response to our many observations and bullet pointed concerns?

“She’s gaining weight and seems happy.” Smiling at our daughter, he continued, “It sounds like you’re all doing a great job getting to know each other.”

He wasn’t brushing off our concerns or being blasé. He was serious, and we found ourselves reassured about laughter while we learn.

There is a certain confidence that comes with appreciating where we are, recognizing that we do not have any of the answers, and trusting that we are best suited to parent our daughter. So, we keep our forks because as good (read: joyful, confusing, exhausting, and exciting) as life is now, we believe the best is yet to come.

*Please note, my husband and I laugh since he has named me the best omelet maker in our house 🙂

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Cover Photo: Bertha Bishop
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Laura G
Laura Ginikos has called Columbus home since 2015 and works full-time as the director of youth and young adult ministries for a church in Dublin, OH. Laura met her husband in a freshman English class at the University of Dayton. After graduating from the University of Dayton with a degree in early childhood education, Laura headed to Michigan for a brief stint to earn her master’s degree in Family Life Education. Columbus is central to both Laura and her husband’s extended families and felt like a natural place for them to call home. Married in 2017, Laura and her husband welcomed their daughter into the world in the summer of 2019. Their hearts and laundry baskets have never been so full. Lately, Laura is more likely to be found on walks rather than out running, but she has always loved running and is slowly getting back into it. Laura enjoys a good conversation, Panera Bread’s hazelnut coffee, puzzles and board games, a good novel, and all things autumn.