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Be Kind

I feel like, as a society, we spend a lot of time talking about kindness. We teach our children to be kind, we give to charity, we talk about the kindness of strangers, paying it forward, and being a good human. There are even t-shirts that say, “In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND.” All absolutely amazing things, and I do genuinely feel that all of the good in this world does outweigh the bad. 

That being said, I wanted to share this idea I heard recently and I hope you will pass it on. The idea is: Say Kindness Out Loud AND In the Moment. If you notice a good deed, applaud it. If you receive excellent service, TELL your server, stylist, librarian, soccer coach, whoever – tell them! Offer genuine compliments! If you like someone’s shoes – tell them. You notice a child with excellent manners, tell their parents! If you see a quality in someone that you admire, tell them! Give gifts, send cards and goodies year-round, not just during the holidays. Kindness doesn’t need to cost a lot and sometimes it is the smallest gesture that can mean the most.

Oftentimes, we stay quiet. We see the good deed, we meet the nice person, and we move on with our lives. It is time to recognize the kindness that we are seeing so that our kids can see that too. If we acknowledge the person who we witness being kind, it may inspire them to continue their kindness. It may make them feel that what they are doing is worth it. It may also inspire them to point out the kindness they are seeing in someone else as well. The ripple effect could really take off if we choose to Say Kindness Out Loud! As Jo and Chip Gaines say, it may be enough to tip the dominoes in the opposite direction!

Be Kind, my friends! For additional ways to spread joy and kindness, click here

Random Acts of Kindness

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Kristen Fazzio
Kristen is a mama to three blue eyed girls, Bryn (10), Maya (6) & Tessa (5) and has called Columbus home since 2004. She was born in Pennsylvania, but her family moved a lot when she was growing up. Her family has been in Ohio since 1999 which is the same year Kristen became a Bobcat at Ohio University. In her 4 years at OU, Kristen met some of her very best friends, learned to stumble with grace down brick streets, rowed on the OU Women’s Crew team, joined a sorority, fell in love with her now husband Justin AND earned a degree! A “big girl” job in Retail Real Estate at LBrands brought Kristen to Columbus, and if she’s being honest so did the guy. They married in 2007 and started a family in 2012. When baby #2 arrived in 2016, Kristen became a stay-at-home mom and 18 months later, baby #3 arrived! It’s the hardest and best “job” she has ever had! In her spare time, Kristen enjoys exploring Columbus, reading, running, Crossfit, decorating, documenting the days through pictures, hiking, yoga, organizing and labeling things, attempting to be crafty, bargain shopping, DIY projects and spending time outdoors. Her favorite things in life are the beach, her girlfriends, travel, wine county, Mexican food, bike rides, sunsets, red wine, french fries, ice cream and her of course family!