Easy and Affordable DIY Halloween Costumes


It’s so much fun seeing kids and adults dressed up in Halloween costumes. These ideas are quick, easy and don’t involve sewing. Plus, they are affordable and use many items you probably already have at home. If not, thrift stores and the Dollar Store are great places to check. Being able to reuse and repurpose things to give them a whole new look is lots of fun. Check out the ideas below for inspiration for DIY Halloween costumes.

DYI Halloween Costumes for Children and Adults:


DIY baby costume


Grab a white long sleeve onesie and white pants. Use black felt to cut out circles in various sizes and attach them to the outfit. Use white felt and light pink felt to create the ears and adhere to a white sun hat. For a perfect partnership, dress up another child or family member as a firefighter.



A yellow shirt, yellow hat and overalls are all items you may already own or could definitely wear again. You can find a pair of Minion goggles for under $7 dollars at Target to complete the look.

Blue Poison Dart Frog

blue poison dart frog
   The back of the costume

Use a blue hooded sweatshirt as the base of the costume. To make the large eyeballs, cover foam balls in blue felt and attach a small plastic eyeball to each one. Cut out black felt circles for the spots and blue felt for the hands and feet. 


DIY unicorn headband

Unicorn horn: Start at a corner and roll the white felt into a point. Use hot glue to secure it closed. Stuff extra felt inside of the horn to make it sturdy. Cut out an extra piece of white felt to hot glue the bottom of the horn to that piece. Attach the horn to a headband. For extra flair, glue artificial flowers onto the sides. If desired, you could make ears out of the white felt as well and attach it to the headband. 

Dress in a white shirt, white pants (or tights) and wear the unicorn headband. Add white gloves and a colorful tutu as another option.

PJ Masks: Owlette

homemade costume

Create this look with pink pajamas or thermals and pink boots. The cape and mask are created from felt.

Thing 1 & Thing 2


Coordinate with your little one and go as Thing 1 from the Dr. Seuss book The Cat in the Hat. The Thing 1 & 2 numbers are iron-on cutouts from Party City and the pack had all the way through Thing 9, which would be fun for a whole family! You could also find the pattern online and print them on card stock. The tutu is easy to make using elastic. Cut the blue toile into strips and tie them onto the elastic.  

Cindy Lou Who

DIY Dr. SeussCindy Lou Who from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas is known for her tall hair. This can be achieved by using a wire with felt at the bottom. Wrap hair bands around the hair to help keep the hair standing up.

Marty McFly


Show your love for the 80’s by recreating a Back to the Future scene. A plaid shirt, jean jacket and red vest are all you need to complete this cute and simple look. A photo opportunity behind the wheel is a must.



Use these comfortable skeleton pajamas and add some face paint for a spooky look.  





Fifities costume

This 50’s look included a black leather jacket and slicked hair for the little man. Mom wore a black dress, pink cardigan, cat eye glasses and an updo complete with a scarf.  


easy costume

A cat is a classic costume choice. You can use a black shirt or a black ballet tutu works great too. You can use felt to make cat ears and stick them onto a headband or these are easy and cheap to find at many stores. Add some bling for the cat collar and some whiskers for the purr….fect look.

Sisters from The Shining

Adult Costume

It’s fun to see adults getting into the Halloween mood too. These sisters put on white dresses, added the pink ribbon and posed with those serious looks in the hallway. 

Smarty Pants

easy Halloween costume

Glue or tape on smarties to a pair of pants and you become a Smarty Pants! Can’t get much easier than that costume. 


What are your favorite DIY Halloween costume ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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