It’s Not about Network Anymore … Fall TV Shows to Check Out


It’s that time of year again … when fall TV shows drop.

Before I was a mom, I would spend the summers anxiously pouring over TV listings and figuring out exactly how many new shows I wanted to try … now, I’m lucky if I remember to watch new episodes of my old standbys: SVU and Grey’s Anatomy. Instead, I watch one episode of Bubble Guppy that my kids have watched (at least) 100 times. 

Cue: Bubble Guppies theme song.

However, it seems like this year could be the year that changes…with every network/carrier starting a new streaming service, these fall TV shows speak to my inner child/teen this year as never before. From novels to reboots … there’s something for everyone.

Fall TV Shows You Won’t Want to Miss

Nancy Drew

Growing up, I collected the Nancy Drew books. I had most of the 100+ book series (plus the extra books with Hardy Boys). So add in a CW drama with an 18-year-old Nancy Drew and a supernatural murder mystery? Count me in. (Wednesday, October 9, CW)

Looking for Alaska

I love YA (young adult) books. The hope, the drama, the heartache – it’s realistic, yet also a little *too* neat. These types of stories are always good to get your head out of reality … and a TV series in a boarding school? Yes, please… (Friday, October 18, Hulu)

Modern Love

Based on The New York Times column of the same name (which I highly recommend), this series showcases all the different ideations of love. Featuring Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey and Dev Patel, the series is an anthology and reviews are crazy good. (Friday, October 18, Amazon)

The Mandalorian 

Gearing up for the ninth Star Wars movie … Disney is launching the first-ever live-action Star Wars television series on its new network. Set in the years immediately after Return of the Jedi (unpopular opinion: the best  Star Wars movie), the show will focus on a bounty hunter on the edge of the galaxy. According to the executive producer, the show hopes to emulate old western and samurai films, and I am here for it. (Tuesday, November 12, Disney+)

His Dark Materials 

Based on the Philip Pullman books (and not similar to the failed movies), there is hope that this epic fantasy could be the next Game of Thrones. The series features James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson …  and Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda. (insert: heart_eyes) (Sunday, November 3, HBO)

I’m sure I’ll get sucked into some other shows … maybe even (gasp) a network TV show this year? What’s on your list?

If you are looking for some educational shows for your toddlers to watch while you catch up your shows, check out this list 🙂