Creating Family Memories Through Camping


Last Summer we took the big kids camping and made one of my most favorite memories ever. It wasn’t expensive. It wasn’t Disney. It didn’t last a week. It was only for one night and yet to me, it was my most magical memory of the year. I stumbled upon Wayne National Forest when I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a picture Wesley’s pre-school teacher had posted of her kiddos kayaking on the most beautiful lake. Right then I decided I had to go to that exact spot which ended up being Lake Vesuvius in Ironton. Once I get an idea in my head I have a tendency not to let it go. I’m sure my hubby loves this about me…..

creating memories camping

family camping

After researching the area and knowing I really wanted to take the kiddos kayaking, we decided to leave our 18-month-old twins at home. They had a blast with Grandma & Grandpa while the big kids got to stretch and run and try all kinds of new things!!!  There were a couple campgrounds located in Wayne National Forest so I used Trip Advisor to help me pick the one I thought would work best for us. Once I chose, I was able to find a map of the campgrounds and choose a site close to the bathroom, but not too close!!!! Next up I packed all the snacks. You know that’s all the kids really cared about anyway.  When we do special things with the kids I tend to be much more lenient on what they eat. We always end up with lots of goodies I wouldn’t normally have at our house. Think Pop Tarts, Uncrustables and of course S’mores for the win!!! For the adults, if you bring wine (duh) don’t forget a corkscrew like me. My hubby had to use a stick and a hammer to save the day!! One last tip, research firewood!! Most state parks won’t let you bring own firewood in due to the emerald ash borer contamination. So once you find the area you’re going to camp in research the nearest location that might sell firewood!!!

So get out there this Summer! Book your campsites early and make magical memories with your family. It won’t break the bank and I promise you’ll remember it forever.

Check out some of these state parks and campgrounds recommended by a few of my mama friends.

Mohican State Park

Wayne National Forest (The only national forest in Ohio!!!)

A.W. Marion State Park

Strouds Run State Park

For more advice, read this post- Camping With Kids: Tips for a Great Trip!

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