Five Beach Bag Essentials


As I returned home from a week at the beach with my kiddos, I’m realized I needed to get organized and streamline what actually ends up in my bag. Because let’s be honest, regardless of how old our kids are, moms are inevitably the ones carrying ALL THE THINGS. There are many beach bag essentials to make your life easier!

Beach Bag Essentials

New and Improved Beach Towels

In an effort to maximize space and not carry loads of bulky towels, my first must-have is a set of either Turkish beach towels or the Dock & Bay Beach Towel. 

Water Resistant Bags

I like small bags to contain all the things inside the big bag. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but having water-resistant plastic cosmetic-type bags with reinforced zippers to hold things like goggles, sunscreen, snacks, and pool toys is a HUGE help! Otherwise, everything just sinks to the bottom of the bag. 

Collapsible Beach Toys

For the beach, collapsible beach buckets and mesh shell collecting beach bags have been a game-changer! Perfect for holding shells, beach/sand toys, and swimming accessories.

Baby Powder

Baby powder works wonders when you need to get sand off of your feet, and a beauty blender sponge makes applying sunscreen to those tiny faces so much easier! 

Quality Beach Equipment

Last but not least, get yourself a good quality cooler and some backpack beach chairs. Stainless steel tumblers/coozies are also a must, and drink spikes for the sand to prevent spillage are essential. And if you really want your mind blown, purchase a lightweight sand proof beach blanket will stakes. 

Happy traveling this summer!

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