Certified Tourism Ambassador of Columbus, Mom, Christian, Legal Office Administrator, Wife, Daughter, Columbus Metropolitan Club Board Trustee, Stepmom, Home Group Leader, Sister, Friend, and now Blogger. Just a few of the many titles Kelly proudly holds that show her passion for connecting people and creating community. Kelly met the man of her dreams on in 2014, and they made their own mini Brady Bunch official exactly one year after the day they met with Lilly (2009), Maddie (2010), Declan (2011), and Baze (2012). The two sets of "twins" now spend half their time together, leaving Kelly and her stay-at-home husband plenty of treasured couple time on kid-free days. Beyond being crazy in love with her family, Kelly is obsessively organized and infatuated with personal finance. Spreadsheets, 4 AM workouts, and color-coded calendars are some of the main methods she claims help her maintain sanity with four busy kids at three different schools in soccer, flag football, and girl scouts; a full-time downtown management role; and multiple community service positions.
Fantasy Football Lessons

What One Mom Learned from Fantasy Football

I know there are several women out there who may not appreciate my amateur findings in my first attempt at fantasy football. To those of you die-hard pro football fans, forgive me. And to...

Raising Financially Savvy Kids

My dad taught me my first lesson in personal finance before I even had a real job. He required that I save 60% of any income earned, even if that meant putting $3 of my $5...

3 Benefits to Maximize as a Working Mom

My four young children (well, at least three of them) consider visiting my office as exciting as going to a park. There is some value to working on the 33rd floor of a downtown...