Growing up my Mom was famous for dressing the family in coordinating outfits. My sister and I would oblige (somewhat begrudgingly I'm sure...sorry Mom!). As we grew older we would laugh and poke fun of the snapshots of the...
My husband and I moved to Plain City the summer of 2016 before welcoming our first little babe. We have grown to love this little town and all of its timeless treasures but it seems to be that everyone...
memorial tattoo

Treasured Tattoos

In 2013 I lost both of my parents during my third pregnancy. My dad, four days after I told him I was pregnant and my mom, 13 days before I gave birth to my daughter. For the past nearly...

Insta-style inspiration

Among the myriad ways one could describe me, "stylish" probably would not crack the top 50. And I'm OK with that. Keep it simple, less regret. But a little effort into not feeling or looking dowdy can go a...
The Short North isn't just for rowdy college students and hipsters in skinny jeans (or is it boyfriend jeans now? I can't keep track!)  The Short North is also for kids!  Try out these 5 kid-friendly venues in the Short...
Spring is rapidly approaching and for some of us that may mean sprucing up your tots' wardrobe. Now that we can start shedding the puffy coats and snow pants we can look ahead to prep for Easter events, spring...



In + Around Columbus

Places to Visit Near Columbus While Social Distancing

When the stay at home order began, my husband and I were fearful of what was going to come. Like other families, we were...
guide to the month of May

Guide to the Month of May

creating a fairy garden in your yard

Fairies and Outdoor Fun