Vanilla Ain’t So Bland With Hudsonville Ice Cream On Hand

A very big thanks to our partners at Hudsonville Ice Cream for providing the ice cream that inspired this post for a fun family activity.

Sometimes it seems that vanilla ice cream gets ignored with all the trendy flavors out there. But, vanilla ice cream is actually one of the most popular flavors with ice cream lovers! July 23 is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day, which is a holiday worthy of celebration for this versatile flavor. With the many events that have taken place in 2020 and July being National Ice Cream month, treat the kids (and yourself) to some ice cream fun!

With the shake up to our usual routines and outings, I’ve found myself doing a ton more crafts and activities to make home a little more fun for my 3.5 year old. I might have done too good of a job though because almost everyday she is asking me what craft we are doing or what activity is next. I thought we could combine creativity with a little event of sorts. So during her nap, I set up Bella’s Sundae Bar! Complete with tons of toppings, and starring Hudsonville Ice Cream’s Vanilla Bean and Creamery Blend Vanilla flavors.

sundae barCreate Your Own Sundae Bar

You can create your own sundae bar pretty easily in just a few nap times! Yes, she is still taking naps and I am forever grateful; hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself. Note: I am hardly ever this productive during them.

  1. Get the sundae toppings and any of Hudsonville’s delicious vanilla flavors (they have a French Vanilla too!). We got a few different flavor sauces, nuts, fruit, whipped cream, and more! Hudsonville Ice Cream is so creamy, easy to scoop, and impossible to stop eating. Use the Scoop Locator to find where you can buy yours.
  2. Create a sundae bar banner. This was my nap time task the day we decided to surprise her with the ice cream activity. Sure, she would have been just as happy with all the supplies just laid out on the table, but I thought it would be nice to give it a little some extra flair with the sign. Her reaction to the whole setup let me know I made the right choice!
  3. Let your kiddo have at it! Scoop some ice cream in all the bowls you need, and then let everyone get creative to build their favorite sundae. This was probably the hardest part for me because I was nervous for a big mess. Bella actually did really well, and maybe she could sense my nervousness because she asked for my help a few times. toddler bella crushing graham crackers into her ice cream sundae
  4. Enjoy! Once everyone’s sundae is done, dig in! Between almost every bite, Bella said, “Thank you mommy for making my sundae bar!” It was so cute and she enjoyed it so much. three sundae bowls with vanilla ice cream and various toppings

Creativity Makes Memories

toddler bella smiling with her finished ice cream sundae

The foundation of creating fun memories with your kids is getting them involved in a way where they can use their hands, and make their own decisions. I love doing these type of activities with my daughter and she loves it too. We have enjoyed Hudsonville Ice Cream almost every day since our sundae bar; granted it’s a bit more simple than this but she loves revisiting the fun.

If a home ice cream day or sundae bar is something you want to do too, click here for a special coupon from Hudsonville Ice Cream!




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