My 10 Top Christmas Activities with Littles


Christmas is a magical time for little ones. There are so many Christmas activities going on and sometimes it can be hard to pick which ones to do!

The following 10 activities have been my favorite to do since my kids have been little and we usually do most of them during the holiday season. Some of these will start in November and go until the new year, so you have around 6 weeks to spread them out.

  1. Zoo Lights – I remember going to Zoo Lights when I was little and now I’m happy to share it with my own children. Here’s my tip, get to the Zoo before the light show starts, walk around a little bit and then head towards the exit when the show is starting so you get to see the lights, but then beat the crowds coming in.
  2. Santa Breakfast – This is always a fun activity! My kids love getting to meet Santa and I love having a yummy breakfast to go along with it. The breakfast we go to each year also has fun crafts for the kids to do, while eating, which makes the event extra special!
  3. Making Gingerbread houses – When I was little we made gingerbread houses with graham crackers and milk cartons, but these days you can buy an assortment of kits to decorate both gingerbread houses and cookies! I happen to love these kits and my kids do too! This one makes the list for one of our favorite Christmas activities.
  4. See the Train at the Main Library – My son absolutely loves the train at the main Columbus Library. He can spend a good 30 minutes going up and down the stairs to see the train from different angles and then of course we have to walk around it a handful of times. After exploring the train and then the books and maybe catching story time, we can spend a good hour+ on this activity.
  5. Christmas Lights Drive – Driving around to see Christmas lights has always been a hit with both of my children. There are paid light displays, like Butch Bando’s, but there are also several neighborhoods around Columbus, which put on great light displays for free!
  6. Tree Lighting – Many of our local communities and even places like Easton have a yearly tree lighting. We love going to our local tree lighting as a holiday kickoff! The kids love getting to see Santa, the bright lights, and of course hot cocoa!
  7. Santa Train – We’ve done two different Santa trains and my kids love it! Our favorite has been the LM&M railroad in Lebanon, Ohio. The train ride lasts about 90 minutes and includes a visit with Santa, an elf making balloon animals, and a chocolate chip cookie. The conductor sings Christmas carols and even reads The Night Before Christmas on our last ride.
  8. Advent Calendar – This is a yearly favorite! I’ve done the “fancy” calendars with toys, like Legos in them, but my go-to is the simple chocolate calendars. My kids wake up looking forward to their piece of candy and I’m happy to make this happen for just a few dollars.
  9. Writing Santa Letters – Writing a yearly letter to Santa has always been a favorite for my kids! If they’re too little to write one, you can always write it for them! Most towns around Columbus have somewhere you can drop off your letters and many will send a letter back to you! My kids get so excited to not only drop off their letters but also when one comes back to them!
  10. Making Cookies – What kids don’t love cookies?!? My kids love making them and eating them! Here’s a post Here’s a post I wrote a few years ago with tips to make it easier with little kids! If you make too many, they’re the perfect gift to give grandparents and other family members, who I promise will love them!

What are some of your favorite Christmas activities to do during the holiday season?


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